2008 Submissions At a Glance

Alas we come upon the end of the year and it's time to revisit the ole goal meter.

Just to recap

Goals for 2008 (The second half)
Finish Ariya 2
Find a home for A Kiss of Ashen Twilight
Finish editing Book 2 of the Cimmerian Series & find a nice home for it
Write and edit my submission for HQN Nocturne Bites
Get accepted by Bites

Ah, gotta love ambition. Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish the last two but I did manage to find a nice home for the submission after lengthening it into a full novel. It became the first of a series acquired by Linden Bay/Samhain so that was the silver lining. Yay! The second book in the series is a current work in progress.

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight also found a home at LPI as the first in a series so the second book, Within the Shadows of Mortals, is currently in progress as we speak.

Book 2 in the Cimmerian Series has finished edits a while ago and been under consideration with another house. Still awaiting to hear progress on that but in the meantime I'll be keeping myself busy finishing up my contracted works. My two series are set for debut next year which I'll be updating here and in my newsletter.

I know we're not completely at the end of the year but I think it's safe to say submissions have halted, at least for now.

Final count:

Number of works published
6 (2 shorts - both soon to be released & 1 released, 2 novellas, 1 poem/artwork and 1 novel)

Submissions Breakdown
Grand total of queries/subs sent in 2008 = 41
Pending Responses = 1 (novel)
Acceptances = 7 (5 novels, 2 shorts)

Submissions Goal for the start of 2009
A Romantic Thriller (Revise and Submit)

Works in Progress I'd like to finish for the first half of 2008
Within the Shadows of Mortals (Contemp. (Urban) Dark Fantasy)
Mind's Awakening (Paranormal Romance)
Music Romance novella (Sweet)