Romance Scene Contest from ReadingWriters

Saw this over at Myspace and thought I'd pass it on to any aspiring writers out there. Remember to check the guidelines, rules and especially the company holding the contest to make sure they're good to go. This may be something fun to enter if you're looking to cut your writing teeth on flash fiction or to get your motors running in the writing world.

http://www. readingwriters. com/contest. htm


A pivotal scene in all romances is the one in which the heroine first crosses the path of the hero. Whether the meeting is subtle or dramatic, the intimate tension surrounding it lets readers know these two are more than mere ships passing in the night.

How do your lovebirds meet?

How do they reveal their smitten-ness?

Melt our bonbons, as well as our hearts, with your best romantic encounter!

Scene Length: Up to 1,000 words
Grand Prize: $100, publication in The VERB, scene Opinion
(also pubbed in The VERB) and a signed copy of THE ART OF
ROMANCE WRITING by Valerie Parv. Deadline January 15, 2009.