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Taking a break from the overhaul of the NaNo.


I'm slowly trucking a long with a little snag here and there but I'm making it through!

I took a breather to check out some news and catch up with my blogs that I usually read and I came across this little nugget from Booksquare.

Reports from various publishers and booksellers that sales slowed considerably in September are borne out by the just-released AAP monthly sales estimates. According to the 17 publishers that report adult hardcover results, sales fell nearly 30% in the month, while sales in the trade paperback and mass market segments were both off by more than 8%. The children’s hardcover segment provided some good news, with sales jumping almost 42%...

...Children’s paperback sales were down 19.1%. The strong performance of e-books continued in September, with the 13 publishers that report sales totaling revenue of $5.1 million, a 77.8% increase over last September.

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Yeow! E is definitely continuing to rise and I think it will especially keep rising as the tightening continues in the industry for both authors and readers. I saw an interesting blog over at Speakeasy in response to Random House's recent royalty ripoff (yay alliteration!). The whole Speakeasy article along with the one over at Booksquare (which breaks down the math for ya) are both wonderful articles worth reading.

If e-royalties are getting you down though, you could do what Paulo Coehlo does and give readers free copies of his books to download. For him, it leads to an increase in sales of the hardcopy editions. Go figure.
I can so believe it. As a reader, if I love an e-book that I've read on my phone, I seek out the paperback version to have on my bookshelf in case I'm in my paperback mood (which hasn't been for a while but I'm a collector as well ;-) ). That's why I loved the ebooks that HQN released before the paperback versions came out so I can check out the books to see if they're worth buying for my keeper shelf. Good for the author because I definitely show my satisfaction with their work by buying them twice. The only bummer thing is if I want to keep the e-version, the stink of DRM is alllll over the HQN ebooks. :-(

I'm checking out some smaller publishers and ebooks and am finding much more DRM free books which is fabulous. I don't have to worry about my books not being compatible with different platforms that way.

Anywho, thought that'd be interesting to share. I'm half falling asleep and yawning over here so I'm going to crash to continue the long haul tomorrow. Er, later today.


Anonymous said...

This is great news for those who publish ebooks!!!!!!

Rae Lori said...

Definitely! :-D

Zoe Winters said...

You know, this "free ebook, charge for hardcover" seems so counter-intuitive, but it seems to be working for a lot of authors. And I think it's because, at heart, we still mostly want solid books for the books we really like. And when an author puts his/her faith in the reader enough to just "give it away" it stirs up this desire in a lot of people to support the author with money somehow. Either through donation, or through buying a print version.

Go figure.

KEPT is going to be a free ebook, but after that I'm probably doing, free podcast, low cost ebook, and print book. Though I may do free podcast and free ebook (with option to donate) and for charge print copy. I'll just have to experiment and see what works best.

Zoe Winters said...

Also, what format does it need to be in for you to be able to read it on your phone?

I'm trying to get out in as many formats as possible.

Rae Lori said...

It's kinda wild, but yeah, I keep hearing authors having success with it. I think people like to sample a story first and then have it for their shelf if they really enjoy it. That rocks for both the reader and the author, I think. :-)

I hope you do donations cause I'd definitely make use of that. And if you do podcasts I'd definitely be on board for that because I've become so addicted to this format lately it's crazy!

I really enjoyed your excerpt of kept and I'd probably grab an ebooks and a print book to have on my shelf (especially with that gorgeous cover!)

So far it's mainly Mobipocket that works on my phone (the only compatible device strangely enough :-/) but if I can get books in html that's best. I buy most ebooks in that format.

Zoe Winters said...

cool, I think one of the formats smashwords lets you put it in is mobi.

And yeah I'll have a donation button. There probably won't be a podcast for KEPT but there will be for SMS. There won't be a print release for KEPT by itself, since it's a novella, but there are two other novellas in the series and all three will be combined into a print release.

Rae Lori said...

Sounds good. I'm started to have e-withdrawals and it's taking me a little bit to read this hardcover. If it were on my phone, I think I would have zoomed like crazy through it. I think my eyes are biased now lol.

I'm so excited for your projects, Zoe! Looking forward to reading them all. :-)

Zoe Winters said...

Thanks, Rae!