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Man, you look down one minute and the next minute it's the end of the week (or almost there). The good news I'm making progress on the second book in my AT series. Woo hoo. I'm slowly chipping away at it and will hopefully get to add to it soon. I have to make sure everything is consistent with the first book and during the next few months I'll have some time so I figure I'd get a big head start before my pub makes edits on it.

Btw, for folks wanting a refresher, I spotlighted A Kiss of Ashen Twilight a few months ago on my blog here. I also blogged about my armchair research travels for the backgrounds in my book. Check em out to learn more about the behind the scenes goodies that went into the book. I'm current creating a wiki to help me keep track of all the historical and literary references, family trees and mythology within the series so I don't get crossed up. I'll probably make that public sometime around the release date (and when I get a handle on the second book in the series ;-)).

Oh! Also, I received a release date for One Evening in London. December 23rd. Mark your calendars woo hoo! I think it's a much stronger story now than what it was and I hope you readers out there will check it out. For those who bought the first edition, don't forget to email me for something special.

In publishing news, Random House is making lots of changes at their place. On the bummer end, they pulled out of BookExpo Canada and froze their company's pensions. Remember a few months ago, the CEO came out and discussed how there would be some major changes at the house due to the economic situation we're in now and she has gone on record saying they're readjusting their resources to be more cost effective. One of these changes is a major one, folks.

They're going POD.

Not for all their titles but for a select few in a special collection. I think if they are successful in it they may shift all their futures titles to POD. Smart move because it's easier on the environment and much more cost effective that shoving out ginormous print runs.

The reports:

Random House is to begin marketing its print-on-demand titles as a distinct list, Random Collection, in January. Random is launching a dedicated website, which will be interactive and searchable and there will be a launch list of 750 titles with further books added throughout the year.

The website will be regularly updated with picks and recommendations by Random House staff and authors. It will also contain a feature enabling booksellers to make suggestions for titles they would like to see made available in the future. Brewster added: “When retailers are asked for a Random House book that is out of print, they can suggest it to us and we will check out the rights.”

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Zoe Winters said...

I love how when HarperCollins or Random House does POD, they're forward thinking, and innovative. When the rest of us do it, we're amateurs, haha.

Rae Lori said...

LOL ain't that the truth. I imagine when this happens the small, e and indies just go "Yeah, uh huh. Been there, done that. Next order of business." Lol

Zoe Winters said...

Exactly. I'm still wondering why we're looking up to companies that are the LAST to get on board a train.