Celebrating the Beauty of Men to Preserve the Beauty of Nature

I like this idea!

ARe aka the All Romance eBooks online store has created a gift calendar of some lovely pictures of yummy men. Basically you donate $5.00 towards their charity fund and then you get to select a free gift. Either a set of 2009 wallpapers or a 2009 wall calendar. If you choose the print calendar, you pay S&H. ARe donates the $5.00 to Conservation International.

And there ya go!

Celebrating Male Beauty and Preserving Nature's. Sounds like win for everyone. :-)


Zoe Winters said...

I'm just glad it's ebooks supporting conservationism. Since most print books are print using offset printing, and lots of books come back and get pulped. That's a huge waste of trees.

Rae Lori said...

Indeed. I notice most folks are calling print "dead tree publishing" which (eek!) is pretty much true. I'm hoping print on demand catches on more to cut down on so many unnecessary returns.

Zoe Winters said...

Totally agreed. One way to push the POD method is that it's more environmentally friendly. While it IS true that a lot of pulped books, the paper probably gets recycled, actually recycling paper isn't that great for the environment either, because of the pollutants going into the air in order to recycle.