An Awesome Author's Path to Publishing

Thanks again to Zoe for letting me know about this post.

Check out author Jeff Rivera's inspirational rags to riches story. Jeff is amazing because although he went through so much, he kept his head high and believed enough in his work that he invested in it as a self publishing venture which eventually lead to Grand Central picking it up for NY publishing. Congrats to Jeff on his release of Forever My Lady and kudos for never giving up.

All aspiring authors out there should check out Jeff's story over at Magical Musings Blog.


Zoe Winters said...

I think it's kind of funny that his reason for going indie was that he didn't want to mess with rejection.

In writerworld, this is like a badge of honor. But he was like, screw that, I'll just put it out and see what readers think.

Of course published authors and agents and editors almost uniformly think this is the "wrong attitude" to have in this business.

And writers who say they don't want to have to mess with that process are snubbed and looked down upon. Until they succeed going indie, and get a contract.

Then it's okay. hahaha.

I think it's awesome that he just came right out there and said that. If he hadn't self published, he might still be looking for an agent.

But I think people look at what he did as a big "risk." In some ways, yes. But it's a risk either way. If he hadn't done it he would have risked never being read.

Rae Lori said...

Indeed. And that's a shame because there's this strange groupthink being passed around to authors and a lot buy into it. Authors have to remember they should do what is best for their careers. There is nothing set in stone that says you have to do a,b then c to get published. Everyone's path is different and, again, it's subjective just like this business.

That's why I think what Jeff did is awesome too. He didn't feel like going through the constant rejection so he just went out and did it because he had a feeling and went with it and knew how to work it. He lived his dream and went for it. Such an inspiration.

Zoe Winters said...

I think the idea that if you go the traditional way and never "make it" you can comfort yourself with the idea that you "did everything right" is cold comfort indeed.

Meanwhile no editor CARES how long you suffered. They are a business, they want what sells. Platform sells. If you don't have that you are a risk to them, no matter how hopeful they are about you.

The way I see it, as much promo as authors have to do now, and as HARD as this business is, for everyone... if I can't build sufficient legitimate platform on my own with free giveaways, even if a publisher published me, I would be a one book author.

And I would rather NOT have a book out than be a "one book author." That's worse than never getting there at all.

Not only for future prospects, but to work so hard for a career that ends up not being one. And yet that's the fate of many many published authors.

One or two books then bye bye.