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What's Around the Corner?

Lately I've been keeping my ear on the ground trying to hear anything about the economy will affect us writers regarding the future of publishing. Agent Nathan Bransford had this very post on his blog "Will the Economy Affect Book Sales" followed by comments that said everything was peachy keen.

Still, it didn't feel completely peachy keen to me.

Now with author Lynne Connolly's blog post over at The Good The Bad The Unread, my suspicions were finally confirmed about how things are really going down.

I had to wonder, how will this affect us writers who aren't quite midlist, aren't on any list and definitely not the big time? We're not in it for the big cash (or else we'd have stopped ages ago) but we have an innate need to tell stories and it'd be great to make some money off it to keep doing what we love. We'll probably never stop writing but how will this affect us as the tides change.

In a recent discussion with my father, a fellow writer and sort of my mentor, he said things won't get any better for writers. Sad, yes but ever the optimist he also said there are ways around this.
Ms. Connolly cites epublishing as the focus of most publishers even though some are more successful than others. I can tell you now the publishers offering ebooks the same prices as hardcovers are shooting themselves in the foot where as Harlequin is doing it right by releasing their print books a month before in reasonably priced ebooks.

So where does that leave us?

I think Ms. Connolly said it best in her last paragraph of the blog post:

What am I going to do? Nothing I can do except keep writing and ensure that I'm doing the best I can. I can only promote so much, and I haven't the budget to do it on a big enough scale to be truly significant, so I'll do what I do. In a way I'm protected because come what may, I'll write. I always have. I've been published for eight years now, but I've been writing all my life. So I can make sure that what I do is worthwhile even if the only person who sees it is me.
Write on, sister. Write on.

Back to the WIP.


N. Mahana said…
It's a grim reality, but the truth is that the failing state of this economy is causing a ripple effect through everything.

However, you are right, Harlequin is going with the tide of technology and finding alternative ways and means to get stories to their readers.

They will survive these other knuckleheads are in for a rude awakening. I can't help but think though that this is the chance for the smaller publishers to make their make. New innovative ways to get books to readers is the key.

Then again, I have no clue what I'm talking about.
Rae Lori said…
I think you're definitely on to something there, Noe. There was a little blurb over at MediaBistro that mentioned the simultaneous downhill slope of the bigger pubs while a smaller one was flourishing. It was a spotlight on said publisher, but I couldn't help thinking it represented the bigger picture pretty accurately.

The publishers who are really forward thinkers and are filling all those slots in reader's wishlists that the big pubs are bypassing seem to be the ones keeping afloat.

Like you said, new innovative ways of bringing these stories to the readers is the key. And I notice many smaller pubs that have been around for awhile are rearranging things to fulfill each reader's desire for a particular medium. You like ebooks? We got em in all formats! Prefer audiobooks? Bam! Got those too. Want to hold the book in your hand? Just place an order to get one printed up. And the rise of POD printing is keeping books in the hands of readers and not sitting on the shelves of a bookstore or being sent to the landfill.

It's really exciting seeing how forward thinking these small press pubs are. I think the future of publishing is definitely in their hands.

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