Rosario, Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy Comics

It's a fab time to be a sci-fi, urban fantasy and Rosario Dawson fan. :-D

Earlier I heard about Ms. Dawson's foray into comics (she being a fellow comic and sci-fi fangirl herself) based on a blurb I saw in some magazine whose name escapes me. Anyway, I went searching and found out the issues are available in trade paperback. :-D

The comic is called O.C.T. which stands for Occult Crimes Taskforce, the division that Dawson enters once she encounters the supernatural. Think of it as the B.P.R.D. only with humans.

After narrowly surviving an encounter with a supernatural serial killer, N.Y.P.D. officer Sophia Ortiz (modeled after ROSARIO DAWSON, star of Sin City and Grind house) is drafted into Manhattan's clandestine police unit: the Occult Crimes Taskforce.

Versed in the black arts and armed with mystical weaponry, the O.C.T. keeps the streets of New York safe from the unholy creatures of the night. Can Sophia solve this case, or will she be the Soul-Ripper’s next victim?

The individual issues and the trade paperback are available from the comic publisher's site over at 12 Gauge. The first issues is also viewable online in its entirety. I took a peek with the idea to browse and found myself immersed in the fast paced story and the gorgeous artwork depicting Rosario Dawson as the inspiration for the heroine Sophia Ortiz. If you've seen the breath taking covers for Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series then you know the kind of style I'm talking about and this is for every frame of the comic! I'm ordering my copy right away.

More information about O.C.T. can be found at:

Also in Rosario Dawson land is the new web series Gemini Division which is presented in 3-4 min episodes only on the official site and the website. Bundles are also available just in case you missed the week's offerings so you get to watch a few mini marathons to catch up to the story. Here's the synopsis:

An NYPD undercover vice cop, Anna Diaz is used to walking the thin blue line between truth and fiction. One slip, her cover blown, and she could end up dead. That's why she always keeps the world at arm's length. That is, until she meets Nick Korda...

Nick is everything Anna ever wanted. For the first time in her life, she finally feels safe enough to lower her guard, be herself. So safe, in fact, Anna's beginning to wonder if this guy's too good to be true. Especially after he whisks her to Paris for a romantic getaway and pops the question. Though Anna can't deny her feelings for Nick, she also can't ignore those warning signs about his business, his health and his past - causing her to doubt whether or not this man is truly the person he claims to be. But before she can get the answers she needs to commit, Anna witnesses Nick's gruesome murder...

Determined to bring the people responsible to justice, Anna discovers Nick was not the man she thought - in fact, he wasn't a man at all. Nick Korda was a "Simulant" - a bio-engineered life form - connected to a global conspiracy involving covert military operations, bizarre genetic experiments... and a mysterious organization known as GEMINI DIVISION.

The creation of writer/producer Brent V. Friedman, GEMINI DIVISION stars Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Eagle Eye) and is produced by Jeff Sagansky and Stan Rogow of Electric Farm Entertainment in conjunction with NBC Universal and Sony International.

I see a cop theme here with our heroine. ;-) I've watched the episodes up to now and really like the flashy, first person video game type feel of the presentation. It reminds me of the 90s PC games The Daedalus Encounter and Spygame which had characters talk to the viewer/player as the story was presented to them. It's a nice futuristic thriller that ends with some suspenseful cliffhangers to lead the viewer back for more. If you're into CGI futuristic thrillers, or if you're a fan of Rosario Dawson and/or Justin Hartley, check out the show every week on They look to be adding some behind the scenes goodies including an actual video game to expand the story within the universe so you may want to check back and keep up to date with the new goodies added.

The videos won't work for outside viewers but I heard they will be branching out across the world so if you want to know when it's available in your country, visit to sign up for the newsletter and you'll be notified.

More information on the show can be found at: