Nocturne Sampler!

Woo hoo. Harlequin Nocturne celebrating all things paranormal this month with the free novella Desire Calls by the awesome paranormal author Caridad Pineiro. The free read is available all throughout October until November so hurry and grab your copy today!

Desire Calls by Caridad Pineiro is available now only through the HQN Paranormal Romance Blog.

Clickie here.


Miss Mahana said...

Thanks - I've never read any Harlequin books, but if you say their Nocturne stories are good - I'll check it out.

After all, it's free. *lol*

Rae Lori said...

Oh yeah. I'd highly recommend some of their Nocturnes cause they are great paranormal reads. Caridad Pineiro and Vivi Anna are prob my fave Nocturne authors. You can't go wrong there!