Milestone! Yay!

Today I had planned to get some reading done but my book was in my head all day that I ended up pounded out 23 pages on notebook paper! Woo! I feel like Nora Roberts! I dunno how she does this 8 hrs a day cause I'm seriously exhausted just this one day! My hands are about to fall off and my eyes are nearly crossing but I have to get this sucker typed before I can move on to other things.

I'm so happy because ever since I was young, I would look at the huge books I read and never thought I could do it. I would always dismiss the idea of writing a novel sticking to short stories and screenplays. I figured I would never have enough to say that would span the course of a book. Now I'm starting to get used to the idea and am finding short stories harder to do!

I feel like I've reached a milestone in my writing that I've been fighting for years and it's an awesome feeling. :-) A round of drinks for everyone on me 'cause this will probably never happen again. LOL

I still hope to get some reading in today but I just wanted to blog about this since I can't run to the rooftops and shout to the world.

Never say never guys!

I'm ordering a shirley temple with extra cherries, what'll you guys have? lol