The Loom of the NaNo

Hmm, I figured I'd be a bit swamped this year with a few projects of mine but I'm slowly getting coerced into doing NaNoWrimo. Lol For folks out there not familiar with the phenomenon, this is a widespread movement where writers get their butts in gear, push away all excuses and what have you's to sit down and write a complete novel in a month. 50k in this context (which, yes, is a bit small by novel industry standards but just right around some epubs). The focus is just getting words on the page toward your goal which is awesome cause I'm a complete pantser when it comes to writing. I have a book in mind that I've been wanting to write that I think I may enter in NaNo. I also have a short story to start and finish as well as some edits to still get through so this'll be fun seeing where it goes. :-D

If you're interested in particpating, you can check out the site over at


Miss Mahana said...

Thanks for the info Rae. Shit I can barely write a short story in a month ... I would be beyond pushing it, but I suppose it's worth a try.

I guess this depends on what month. If they are talking next month I don't see how I'll get the The Gift completed and write a 50k word novel at the same time.

I might have to wait till next year for this one.

Rae Lori said...

Np! Yeah it does kind of sneak up on ya. I almost forgot until someone reminded me. Ack.

Yeah you could def make a note of it next year. Or have a mini NaNo during off season. :-D

Savannah Chase said...

it is nuts how fast it is sneaking up on us...I am ready to kick butt and hit 50,000

Rae Lori said...

Woot! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Go Sav! :-D

Savannah Chase said...

I'm pretty excited about more day to go and it is time to get cracking

Rae Lori said...

Yup! One more day! Get those fingers and cups of coffee ready lol. :-D