Links and goodies for aspiring writers

I'm not really one to write blog posts and articles on how to write. There are myriads of articles and wonderful resources out there. Much of which were very helpful with shaping my writing process. It also helps to go back to the basics at times if you're between projects or need to refresh your mind while currently plowing through a story.

My buddy Lis calls me the link lady and, not to disappoint my namesake (lol), I thought I would post some very helpful links on writing and the business of writing that I've gathered in my resource vault.

Recently I've started re-listening to Michael A. Stackpole's The Secrets Podcasts which is an awesome awesome awesome resource for writers, aspiring and veterans alike. Stackpole is also cohost over at DragonPage Cover to Cover where the team talks about current releases in sci-fi fantasy and horror books, the publishing industry and technology. The Secrets covers everything from plotting, worldbuilding, character arcs, career management, how to get a career, editing and all sorts of goodies to help you learn the craft. The podcast is available at Itunes so you can get a subscription for your convenience. I linked this particular podcast before but it's always worth repeating. The Secrets Podcast Series Five Episode One deals with the future of publishing and Stackpole says some very revealing things about big pub royalties, book sale numbers and where publishing is heading.

The WoW! Women on Writing ezine is an excellent source on all aspects of writing. Much of it focuses on freelance magazine writing but they do offer some good articles for fiction writers as well. The index page gives a pretty big list of all aspects of writing (every aspect you can think of) and of note is a few articles I'd highly recommend.

If you write pretty sparse and find yourself falling short of your word count goal (I have this problem at times myself), check out Adding 10,000 words..Without Panicking. It's a great lesson in show vs tell that helps expand your paragraphs into a visual excursion for your readers.

Looking to build a writing career? Check out 7 Tips For Your Writing and Publishing Success. A great guide to help you keep your writing goal in mind while learning to build your writing portfolio.

Obsessed with writing perfection? Don't be! Learn to turn that inner critic off with Defeat Your Demons: Turn off Your Obsession with Perfection with cites an interesting article on industry obessession with quantity vs. quality.

There are many other goodie articles to cite but I invite you to go check out the Articles Index page of the site to find something that'll help you reach your writing goals.

You may have heard of these books available for free but they're always worth repeating. Powerhouse literary agent Donald Maas is offering his 1996 book, “The Career Novelist” as a free ebook at this link. Another powerhouse agent, Noah Lukeman, has placed his book “How to Write Irresistible Query Letters” for free up at Amazon Shorts located here.

That should be enough to keep you busy as you pound out that awesome novel! :-)


Miss Mahana said...

Thanks a lot Rae, I will perusing these links this week. I listened to that podcast a while back (I believe it was you that passed it along to me). It was very interesting and informative.

Rae Lori said...

Sounds good. Oh yes! Probably from the boards. :-) I agree. I hope he does some more soon because they're really helpful.