Favorite Books of 2008! (Updated!)

Update: On December 1st it was reported that Dewey passed away the previous Tuesday. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dewey and her family. She will be greatly missed in the blogosphere I'm sure. Read the post here. This one's for you Dewey!

As you may have noticed, I've been compiling my best reads of 2008 on the sidebar there. Thanks to a link alert from Marta over at Vampire Wire, I found out WG is compiling their own lists due to suggestions sent in by fellow book bloggers. So, I thought I'd hop right in with the full list early. :-)

If any book bloggers out there want to do the same, Weekly Geeks has opened the invite.

Here's my Top Ten (in progress) list for my fave reads of books publishing in 2008:

1. Zoe by T.A. Ford (Historical Romance)
2. SheWolf by Teresa D'Amario (Paranormal Romance)
3. Silenced by Nicole Givens Kurtz (Science Fiction Thriller)
4. Blood Martyr Fionn Jameson (Urban Fantasy)
5. Sex and the Single Braddock by Robyn Amos (Contemporary Romance)
6. Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna (Paranormal Romance)
7. Damewood: Demons of the Past (Science Fiction)

I'll probably update this post as I finish more reads so keep an eye out! :-)


Dewey said...

You know, I haven't read a single one of those! I would probably like the historical one best. I'll check out your review to see what period it's set in.

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Dewey! I also posted a response in the comments section to my Zoe review. :-)

I'm not sure I posted the time period of the book but just in case, it takes place in 18th century France. If you like adventure and romance during this time, I think you'll love Zoe. I highly recommend it! :-D

Erin Durante said...

WOW! I can't believe I made your top list!
Thanks, Rae!

Rae Lori said...

My pleasure, Erin! Thanks for a great read. :-D