Closing Time

I'm noticing a lot of things are being recycled. Commercials no longer have original jingles that they hired folks for during the heyday of commercials (the 50's?). Now they mainly play oldies (but goodies) either with their original lyrics or changed to fit the product they're selling. New movies are basically old ones remade. Same with new commercial music coming out. It kind of makes you want to turn back the time just to experience the originals again rather than the carbon copies.

Just a mini rant instigated by the title of this blog. The song Closing Time by SuperSonic was originally released somewhere in the 90s (or 00's?) and HBO has been playing it during its promos. It got me thinking about all the other things currently re-released including (horror of horrors!) The Day The Earth Stood Still. I'm not going to even begin to rant on that nor the fact that Sunset Blvd is being remade else we be here forever. ;-)

In other news (outside of my old timer rant lol) I've finally finished my current WIP and after a few edits and responses from my awesome crit group I came in over my goal word count! Woo hoo! I sent it off to the pub I was aiming for and now it's a waiting game. Which I am totally fine with at this point. I think I pushed myself a bit too much that last bout so I figure a little time off would do me good. I took some time yesterday to just rest yet still my brain is thinking of the next project. I still have edits to do for London before my editor comes after me and I'm throwing a few ideas around for what to dive into after my short anthology project (which I will let you guys know about laters ;-)).

Strange thing, though. During my morning blog visits, I noticed that all of the blogs (save for like one) hasn't been updated. Hmmm. Wonder if I wasn't the only one vacationing! Tomorrow's Friday so maybe everyone took the weekend off early. I'm thinking of taking the rest of the week off myself just to reinvigorate. I think my TBR pile will thank me for giving it some attention again. ;-)


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