Checking in!

Ack! I know I've been neglecting my bloggity blog. This week was a bit crazy, especially yesterday. I was up til early morn reworking 'London' for rerelease but first I had to make sure it was in better shape than the first edition. I also finished a flash fiction for the very first edition of the Romance eBooks Newsletter presented by author Debby Allen and I decided to work on a drawing that was in my head.

In doing that I sorta neglected my current WIP and now it's looking at me sideways. My muse has been tapping her feet in the corner and threatening to get drunk for the duration of the month so I figure I bet get back to it before my story turns into a drunken tirade (although that would be interesting to see).

Meanwhile today's is Friday! YAY! Not only TGIF but the Travel Channel is once again showing their awesome creepiest destination, terrifying travels and mysteries. All that good stuff for the paranormal lovers out there! It's starts over here in 15 minutes so I'm going to coddle my WIP and pound out the next chapter or so to help my momentum. I love the coddling stage when you're first writing it to get the goods on the page. The rewriting stage is the second best because then you rip the sucker to shreds and really see how your story came out!

It's almost the end of the year so I'll have to do a writing goal check. Which is scary considering how most of my list is still in limbo (on submission) so I'll have to put a big ole question mark next to everything. Bleah.


Miss Mahana said...

I can imagine! Best of luck reaching your writing goal!!!

Savannah Chase said...

well you are working hard I see....Remember to take time and rest...Good luck with getting everything done

Rae Lori said...

Thanks so much guys!

I'll try to slow down a bit here and there. I've been feeling tired lately cause of my late nights so I may need to take one day to crash lol.

Hope you both are doing well! :-)