Romantic Inspiration

Well, I've dived head first back into writing again. A recent call for submissions has gotten my butt in gear and this time I'm working on a shapeshifter romance. I was stalled for a bit because I wasn't sure how I was going to present this story. It started out as a novella which I sent out and recently had rejected (boo) but looking closer I saw a potential novel in there with more elaborate world building and better buildup for some hot sensual tension between the hero and heroine. One thing that really sparked me back into writing was Midnight Moon Cafe's post yesterday for the Hump Day Hunk, Julian Gil. I was taken aback, that's exactly how I envisioned my hero for my current WIP. Woo hoo! Take a look at him to the right there. Lycan material, baby. It was a sign that I definitely needed to move forward on this story. Julian's Myspace gallery offered all the inspiration I needed. Whoo! Let me tell you. As I wrote the new prologue to my story, I kept it up to help me through.

I'm also grateful to Midnight Moon Cafe for introducing their readers to Gabriel, the spanish language vampire romance show that Julian will be appearing in with star Chayanne (yup, that Chayanne). It's makes a girl wanna brush up on her spanish. The show started this Sunday on MegaTV which is on DirectTV which is a bummer because I don't get it. If only they broadcasted full episodes on their website. Sigh.

If anyone has anymore info on how us non DirectTVers can get our hands on the goods, let me know!

For now here's a fun trailer for the show.

And just cause you guys out there are so awesome, here's a Julian vid.