Indie Cinema - Flowers Don't Last & Charlie Jade

Way back when I was a young teen I was obsessed with indie films, Sundance and IFC. I have no idea how I got a hold of some unknown films (I was a weird kid) but the ones I did happen to see were pretty innovative. Of course some made me do the Elvira "huh" moment but the ones that were good stood out. I haven't touched Sundance or IFC because they've just gotten all weird and, dare I say, corporate (meh) save for the interesting documentary here and there *cough*Orwell Rolls in His Grave & The Corporation*cough*.

One cool flick I came across was a nice lil short film called Flowers Don't Last by Ilya Gorovatsky starring Ilya and the gorgeous Patricia McKenzie. After seeing a clip on youtube, I made a dash for the DVD because I heart Patricia after seeing her in the sci-fi series Charlie Jade. Something about her is just dazzling in the way she portrays her characters. She also did an episode of Bliss from the Showcase/Showtime series but I haven't had a chance to track down that episode with her in it. Yet, hehe.

In Flowers Don't Last, Patricia is the object of our main character's affection. He's taken with her despite her connection as the girlfriend of a mob boss and he tries to win her affection through the film. There's a twist at the end that explains why the film moves in an ethereal, dreamlike motion. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary check it out.

The short film is just that, short at around 30 min. and I bought it from the studio website at about 10 bucks including shipping.

As for fellow Charlie Jade fans, you may have known that the show disappeared from Sci-Fi's Friday night lineup awhile back. In a brilliant marketing move (and by brilliant, I mean awesometaciously stupid), the Sci-Fi Channel moved the show to Tuesdays...wait for 3 AM!! Crazy. I'm not even sure if it's still broadcasting at that time but I was really hoping the show would gain a new audience because this show is what sci-fi is all about. It's cerebral, it's action packed, it has gorgeous cinematography and a fantastic storyline that says something about our society today.

For those who have seen it, you may want to check out some awesome extras including creator audio commentaries in podcast format over at You'd be jazzed to know that the official CJ site is back with the good old information and layout but at a new url. Learn more about the characters and the world of Charlie Jade at