Help! I'm being buried alive!

By my TBR pile! Acck!

I've officially started drowning in my reading pile and the sad part is I still can't stop picking up more books. There's just too many good reads out there and my goal is to read all the ones I have waiting to be shelved (where they usually go after I read em) or placed in my 'Read' folder on my hard drive. I'm so jazzed to be reading so many good books lately as I had a bad drought earlier. Now with the latest books I've been reading it's been more than made up. :-)

I finally caved and start subbing to Publisher's Marketplace to check the info there. I wanted to see what new deals were being made in the romance and sci-fi categories and I came across a fellow AWer named Juliana Stone who has a new series coming out called the Jaguar Warrior series. I added her blog to my reads as you notice on the sidebar since I wanted to keep up with her series. Here's a clip from her recent deal announcement: Women's/Romance Juliana Stone's DARK REVENGE, about a missing woman who can't remember her past and her former lover, a jaguar shifter and assassin, who must choose between discovering the truth or enacting his revenge upon her."

I love me some shifters and antihero characters and as a former lover of the main character, it just sounds juicy.

Also making headway on my shapeshifter romance. In the next day or so I should be halfway toward my word count goal which makes me so excited that I'm making good progress. The story is finally starting to come together in my mind and hopefully it can keep going to until the bitter end.