The Fall - Movie Preview - Cinema at its most beautiful

This weekend I came across an interesting flashing ad on the side of the imdb forums. The colors were so rich and vibrant and it looked like a mixture of different eras and stories. I clicked on it and found it was a movie called The Fall by Tarsem (same Tarsem of the creepy, weird The Cell movie). The more I learned about the movie, the more intrigued I became and I wanted to see this movie asap. I don't mind spoiling myself with spoilers so I read ahead and liked what I saw. What really caught me was the beautiful cinematography of this film. I mean, everything is like a picture and from what I understand, the director made a photography book with his photographer showcasing some pictures from the movie.

From what I saw and read of the movie this appears to be the type of movie that made me fall in love with movies as a kid. This is what filmmaking is all about, transporting the viewer into another world and telling a fascinating story from start to finish with breathtaking, arresting visuals. I know it's the type of movie one should see on the big screen, but I hear it still looks gorgeous on the dvd. Some are even rushing out to buy it on Blu Ray to get the full effect of the colors.

If you like a heart wrenching drama, a spectacular adventure and the most adorable child actor I've ever seen in recent times, check out The Fall. It looks to be a pretty memorable movie.

Here's the trailer:

Visit the official The Fall movie site:
(I highly recommend checking out the gallery page)
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