Dreamcatcher by Anna Leonard - Great read!

Anna Leonard

Don't you just love that cover? ;-)

I tell ya, if this were in print format I would promptly buy a print version to go with my ebook. This is probably my favorite Bite and the best written so far. The story deals with a young woman named Emma who has been having strange dreams coupled with a debilitating disease that no doctors have been able to diagnose so far. Male nurse, Matt, is sent by her father to take care of her and as he helps her find her way back to health, things aren't as quite as they seem on the surface.

I really liked the world building in Dreamcatcher and the story felt like it was story fit for a short format rather than a novel that may have been chopped down a bit. The characters are well fleshed out and even the secondary character Emma's doctor friend (whose name escapes me for the moment, ack!) shined in the scene she was in. Ms. Leonard has a way with dialogue and scenery that really makes the story come alive with a great background to the characters to make them realistic.

If you like dark, sexy paranormals without the usual beasties, be sure to pick this baby up!

Dreamcatcher by Anna Leonard is available now at the HQN ebooks website.