The Chronicle - Fab TV blast from the past

With the current surge of urban fantasy (and some sci-fi) integrating books these days and some of it in television, I couldn't help going through my archives to see all the old sci-fi shows I used to watch. One in particular is The Chronicle which premiered on the sci-fi channel (back when it was cool) in 2001-2002. It stars a trio of young actors, one of which was recently on Heroes I believe. The main gist of the show was: what if those supermarket tabloids about bat boy, alien abductions and monsters were actually real and not sensational storytelling? After losing out on a bunch of journalism jobs, Tucker Barnes gets one at the World Chronicle. He thinks it's a throwaway job that'll bring in the income writing up make believe stories that no one believes anyway. Little does he know that each and every story is true as he joins photographer (and soon to be roommate) Wes and fellow reporter Grace. Rounding out the Chronicle crew is psychic Ruby, bubbly receptionist Vera, technical archives expert Sal aka Pig Boy, and hardcore editor boss Donald (who may or may not be completely human).

I love that each character has their own distinct personality and their dialogue is always fresh, witty and on the dot. There may be a few outdated pop culture references here and there but they still ring true and are really funny. The quips also include supernatural happenings that tie into real events from the past.

I'm not sure if execs think that The Chronicle is worthy of a revival on dvd (with pref some extras, but hey a girl can dream right?) but it's well worth if you can check it out during Space channel reruns or somewhere they're showing some good sci-fi. The jury is still out on where that is on television here but at least we always have tapes. :-D