Blood Secrets by Vivi Anna

Blood Secrets
Vivi Anna

Blood Secrets is the second book I bought after reading Dark Lies. I wasn't confused at all by reading the second book in the Valorian Chronicles but I notice it does help to read it in order if only to understand the big baddie's theme running through the two stories. I think I mentioned in my Dark Lies review that part of it was left open as I thought the villain got away. Now I noticed the theme which may most likely end in Veiled Truth which is out today.

I'll just say that Ms. Anna's stories are simply awesome. She has basically become an auto buy for me with her Valorian Chronicles because she knows how to weave an awesome suspenseful tale with a romantic backdrop. I would love to see her books turned into films or even a weekly tv series like a paranormal CSI. Ooh, talk about Must-See-TV, I would tune in each week.

In the first novel we're introduced to Caine Valorian and his team of forensic experts in the city of Necropolis, a world of baddies. After a human is murdered, the team is on the case and is soon joined by human investigator Eve. The sexual tension takes its time to grow between Eve and Caine and I like that Ms. Anna writes them as real people with real problems who don't exactly dive headfirst into bed with each other. In fact the love scene is a bit farther toward the late middle half of the book while the bulk focuses on the case and the relations between the team members. I liked seeing the character of Jace here based on how well I got to know him in Dark Lies. Now I'm looking forward to knowing more about Lyra (especially the story behind her dead granny).

I'm a sucker for paranormals that focus on the perspective of the vampires, lycans, etc that inhabit the world more so than stories that focus from humans point of view against the beasties. Much of vampire and werewolf stories are from that angle so whenever I can get a chance to totally lose myself in the "other's' lives, I'm all for it. Ms. Anna definitely does not disappoint and I can't wait to dive into the next of her series. I'm highly looking forward to her Nocturne Bites in October which may bookend the entire series. I know once I read it, that'll be the end and I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to Caine and his team yet. It almost makes me wish that it was an ongoing series rather than what appears to be a trilogy. I'd certainly be on board for more!

If you love CSI-like police dramas, you'll love the Valorian series packed with a sexy, dark, otherworldly read that's sure to raise your blood pressure in more ways than one!

Blood Secrets is available in ebook and print format.

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Learn more about the Valorian Chronicles and the world of Necropolis on the web:

Pretty sweet site I must say! I'm looking forward to checking out the haunts and hideaways mentioned in the book. :-)

Note to Harlequin: A dream anthology would be a winter release with a duo stories focusing on vampires by Vivi Anna & Caridad Pineiro. That is all. :-)


Caridad Pineiro said...

Thanks, Rae! I'm so honored that you like my writing and I would so love to get together with my good friend Vivi Anna to do an anthology. Here's hoping for that!

Rae Lori said...

I'm definitely hooked from the antho story you wrote! I made a mental note to read your Calling series soon. And please do let us know if you get a antho with Vivi Anna. That'd be a dream! :-)

Thanks for stopping by! :-)