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I may be a late bloomer here but whilst researching random stuff (oh, the evils of procrastination because I should be editing) I came across the No Media Kings blog run by Jim Munroe "a novelist who left HarperCollins to showcase and propagate indie press alternatives to Rupert Murdoch-style consolidation." In the words of V, a man after my own heart. I saw two blog posts of interest that are really inspiring to authors and aspiring who feel like they're beating their head against the wall of constant agent and publisher rejections and writers who say "chuck your book that's been sent around and work on the next one that may be a bite cause this one obviously blows". Feh.

First blog post is entitled 'How to Get A Book Deal Without An Agent'. Nuggets of wisdom follow:

It’s hard to find an agent who’ll take you on. I always advise unpublished writers to spend at least as much energy approaching publishers directly as they do approaching agents — it’s more empowering, you’ll learn more, and if you make it happen agents will be more interested in you once you’ve published something if you choose to go that route with your next book. I also think that while there’s editors who will ignore anyone who’s unrepresented, there’s also people in the publishing world who thrive on “discovering” people. Those are the people who’ll champion your book.

It’s even harder to find a good agent. What I mean by that is one who’s suitable for where you’re at and what you’re writing. Some agents will take on everyone who looks vaguely shiny and then not really have the resources to help each individual client, save the one or two who gather some momentum on their own. I’ve always felt that I don’t really want a nice agent, someone who I can pal around with and really relate to: because then I have to ask myself, what can this person do that I can’t do myself? I need someone with thicker skin, a different skill set and a specialized knowledge of the industry — I need someone who’s as alien as possible to me without being completely monstrous. I haven’t found that creature yet, but I’m always keeping an eye out.

Full blog post can be found here.

The second blog post is entitled 'How To Become a Famous Writer' which cites Ariel Gore's inspirational book of the same name for writers. More nuggets as follows:

When it comes to writing a book, just write it. If the book is nonfiction, you might be able to write a proposal for it and get a contract before you write the whole thing. More likely, if it’s your first book, you’ll just have to write it. And what when it’s done? Try to get an agent. An agent can try to sell the book to a big press and get you a little money. And what if you can’t get an agent or don’t want one? So what? I know a few people who’ve spent years-coming-on-decades trying to find an agent who’ll sell their book to a huge press. They won’t even consider going for a medium or small press. This is madness. I don’t understand it. Maybe they’re hoping to impress their parents. But I can tell you that if you’re parents are not proud of you as an unpublished writer, they will not be proud of you as a published writer. If they are picky, critical people, they will find fault with your book regardless.

Hear hear! Well said. Full post can be found here. These blog posts are dated from last year and may have already been linktified across the blogosphere but many of the things Jim here says are nice reminders that life does exist outside of NY. Like JA Konrath's Newbie Guide to Publishing Blog, Jim offers some awesome advice that is refreshing to hear aside from the usual banter that I hear around the industry. He offers wonderful inspirational posts that aren't always popular but definitely put the power in you, the author's hands, to control your career. He's a big advocate for self pubbing and small presses as a great alternative for getting your work out.

There's lots of other juicy links there so I won't give an overview (I should be editing right now...yay procrastination station!) but I'll give ya a link to the main site. Adding this one to my blog reads.

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