AWD Says: Add this to your TBR Pile!

New goodie releases from Nocturne out today!

Dreamchaser by Anna Leonard as I recently blogged about here and Vivi Anna's third chapter in the Necropolis Valorian Series which focuses on a group of CSI like investigative group consisting of a vampire (Cain whose book is the first Blood Secrets), a werewolf (Jace, who's book is the second Dark Lies) and Lyra (a witch who's current book is out now). Veiled Truth!

Blurb: Five years ago, virginal Lyra Magice had fled powerful dhampir Theron LeNoir's advances. But now an ancient text the dhampir possesses holds the key to solving murders that have plagued Necropolis. When another body is found and evidence points to the Mistress of the city, duty dictates that Lyra work with Theron--a man she regards as haughty, arrogant and immoral-- to translate the symbols left at the crime scenes. But with their forced alliance comes darkly sensual dreams that leave her feeling wanton and achy....

Unwilling to reveal his dark past, the dhampir soon discovers that Lyra--a witch of great power--is to be the sacrificial virgin in a demonic scheme to open a portal to hell itself. Salvation will come only if Theron can win Lyra's trust--and her heart.

The ebook is available now and the print version will be available October 1st to coincide with Vivi Anna's Nocturne Bites offering called Stormchaser.

It'll be a twofer next month based on what I hear from the HQN forums and alongside Vivi Anna's release will be Barbara J. Hancock's welcoming addition to the HQN family. Her bite is called Wilderness and you can read all about it on her website:

Happy reading all!