Aaand we're back...

I took a few days off to dive into new goodie shows. It took a lil while for me to get in but now I'm hooked on True Blood. I can't wait to see where they take this show and from the clips I've seen of future shows, it's gonna be a wild ride. I'm so jazzed to have vampires back on my tv again.

HBO is showing 2 vampire docs: True Bloodlines: Vampire Legends and A New Type. Various vamp writers both non-fiction and fiction (including best selling author L.A. Banks) are interviewed with their thoughts and history on the vampire legends. It's awesome. If you can catch it do see it. I highly recommend it for all vamp fans. HBO has a schedule on its site and it looks to be replaying all week.

Yesterday I received a rejection letter which was kind of a bummer. But after rethinking and analyzing the line I was going for, I can see where the editor was coming from in that the tone wasnt like the others. I'm going to take a break from paranormal romance because I'm itching for some urban fantasy with a little more meatier worldbuilding and..."speculative fantasy". Paranormal romance tends to be more romance and sex focused usually between a human woman and a supernatural creature and I want to dive in completely in the world of the supernatural creatures. The novel that I just finished editing may be more PR focused. I'm trying to figure out a way to make the work more...meatier. If any authors out there are reading this, how do you get your works more meatier?

Today in the mail I got some classic goodies all in one happy volume: The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories which contains works by Stoker, Polidori, Matheson, Bloch, Sheridan, Le Fanu and many many more greats who've written vampire stories. I can't wait to dive into this book.

I'm also reading more mythology around the world for different interpretations on the vampire myth. Most urban fantasy today deals with European mythology and history and I'd love to see other cultures' history explored in today's UF offerings.


Danielle said...

Sorry about the rejection letter. I have a few and it sucks. Have you read Kresley Cole? Her h/h are generally both paranormal creatures. I love her books! I love urban fantasy for the same reasons you do. I cut my teeth on mythology and fairy tales growing up.

Rae Lori said...

Yeah they're a bummer.

I haven't tried Kresley Cole but I'll have to try her books. It's great seeing all these mythologies and fantasy in the limelight no? :-)

Thanks for stopping by, Danielle!