13 Vampires To Heat up Those Cold Nights

Vamps are just too hot to handle and we've had some pretty hot ones throughout the ages on the big screen and small. Askmen.com did their version of sexy vampires. Here's my little tribute to some of my faves that have graced our screens.

1. Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties

A loner, a prince and an artist, Henry was the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII. Based on the real Henry Duke of Richmond, author Tanya Huff added a twist that Henry had become a vampire after his buried body went missing. He wanders the streets alone, seducing and feeding to live until he comes upon a certain tough minded private investigator named Vicki Nelson and soon finds himself solving supernatural crimes with Vicki and her ex-boyfriend/cop Mike Celluci. Henry is quick witted, hot, romantic, hot, dedicated (every year he paints a picture of Christina the woman he's loved for centuries and the same woman who turned him) and he's fiercely seductive. If ever were a romantic vampire hero who inspired many more offshoots in today's paranormal romance heroes, Henry is it.

2. Wesley Snipes as Blade in the Blade Movies

Quick with a sword, smoking hot and a pretty snappy dresser, Blade is half-human and half-vampire due to his mother being bitten while she was carrying him. Blade uses his supernatural abilities to fight renegade vamp baddies and refuses to give into the primal urges that tempt him to feed. Instead, he drinks a serum thanks to the help of father figure Abraham Whistler. With lightening fast moves, a quick tongue and some alpha male moxy, Blade takes down his enemies within the blink of an eye. A complex and strong hero that has cemented his place in cinematic history with four movies and a television series and many more comics in the Marvel universe.

3. Nick Knight from Forever Knight

Where can we begin with the very first vampire detective in television history? Sexy, sweet and warm hearted, Nick was turned in the 1100s by bloodthirsty vampires Jeanette and LaCroix. The trio traveled across the world through time, feeding upon humans and leaving a wake of bloody destruction in their paths at times. To atone for his past sins, Nick now serves as a cop to stop the criminals of the city, both human and vampire. Battling his desires, he uses his strength and supernatural abilities to bring justice to the wronged while trying to become human again thanks to his vampire M.E. pal, Natalie. First played by 1980s pop-rocker Rick Springfield in the tv movie, Geraint Wyn Davis brought a certain maturity and strength to the role of Nick that made him very drool worthy. During the 90s we watched as Nick bounced back and forth with the sexual tension he shared with the seductress Jeanette and the sweet, funny and romantic scenes with Natalie showing off Nick's mad skills with the art of wooing the ladies.

4. Gerard Butler as Dracula in Dracula 2000

This was perhaps the movie that introduced us to the wonderful Gerard Butler. The movie, although forgettable, featured scenes of the Scottish hunk seducing young women as he made his way across the city acquiring brides and...you know what, who cares about the story. Gerard Butler was shirtless and in some hot scenes that showed us he really can get down to business where the ladies like him!

5. Alexander Skarsgaard as Eric Northman in True Blood

Eric Northman is the stuff fandom is made of. First created in Charlaine Harris' Southern vampire books and now adapted to the small screen in HBO's True Blood, Eric is believed to be the oldest living and most powerful vampire in this series. He owns a vampire bar called Fangtasia where he also conducts his business. True Blood has yet to show Eric, but the fans are holding their collective breaths to see their favorite vampire hottie grace their screens. From the early looks of Alexander Skarsgard as the sexy blond vamp, it looks like he will be worth the wait.

6. Alex O' Loughlin as Mick St. John in Moonlight

Moonlight seemed to come out of nowhere and sweep fandom by the fangs. Inspired by Angel and Nick's vampire detective niches, Mick eventually showed us he can hold his own in the world of nightwalkers. Turned against his will on his wedding night, Mick is determined to regain his humanity by helping others. His one weakness is that of Beth, the young girl he saved from a kidnapping now turned a determined (and somewhat curious) reporter for internet news Buzzline. As Mick solves cases each week, he forms a friendship with Beth and eventually develops romantic feelings for her. For Moonlight fans it was the perfect paranormal romance with the HEA they were waiting for. Mick was a loyal dashingly sweeping hero alongside a independent minded, somewhat naive yet eager heroine. Mick's story arc was one that could be watched over and over again with equal satisfaction. Preferably pausing during the scenes where he's working out with no shirt.

7. Mark Frankel as Julian Luna in Kindred: The Embraced

Look up the word smooth in the dictionary and Julian Luna's face will be right next to the word. As Ventrue Prince of the City in San Francisco, Cali, Julian is the ultimate in vampire seduction and clear minded businessman. As he shares his life, and his bed, with Haven nightclub owner Lilly Langtry, he rules the vampire clans with a fierce yet noble hand. Nothing shakes Julian until a certain reporter enters his life and Julian finds himself falling for a human woman for the first time in a very long time. Sexy, slightly brooding and all alpha male, Julian is a true leader who can fight to death on one hand and sweep his lady love in his arms with soft tenderness in the other.

8. David Boreanaz as Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Angel exemplifies the word brooding for vampires with a complex past of curses, gypsies and wars. Once the first love of vampire slayer Buffy Summers, then the cohort of Spike and Dru and finally a new vampire detective for the ages, Angel went through a plethora of crises that lead him through the fires and back to finally seek an altruistic balance for his sins. Angel was the tortured anti-hero turned hero who know how to make suffering look sexy. Many fans were eager to lose themselves like Buffy in his big, strong arms and so they did for nearly five whole seasons. With his trademark messy-spiky hairdo and three quarter length leather coats, Angel soon became apart of an era and defined many of today's heroes with the theme of redemption, loss and coming of age.

9. James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Where can one start with Mr. Spike? Possibly one of the most well loved vampire heroes of all time, Spike was the ultimate bad boy. With a sly tongue and some good one liners, Spike was bad, then good, then bad and back again in the Buffyverse. A fan of Sid Vicious and The Sex Pistols (and inspired by) Spike was the boy our mothers warned us about which drew us even closer to him. He was seductive enough to catch us under his spell yet dangerous enough to keep us wondering if he'd hiss and dig his fangs into us the next minute while cracking jokes in between bites. Spike is perhaps one of the most complex and interesting vamps of our time thanks to the awesomely quirky writing of Joss Whedon.

10. Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton in True Blood

Handsome and mysterious, Bill is the vampire drifter who wanders into Merlotte's and is taken by Sookie Stackhouse. First appearing in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vamp series and adapted by brit actor Stephen Moyer for True Blood, Bill has captured audiences with his shifty look, his quiet nature and that concealed temperament that feels like he's hiding something under the surface. We have a whole season to get to know Bill's true intentions and new fans are waiting eagerly.

11. Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with the Vampire

Hot Hot Hot. In many opinions, this is the movie that made Tom Cruise hotter than hot as the pompous, secure foil to Brad Pitt's angsty Louis. From Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles books to Neil Jordan's timeless movie adaptation, Lestat is a character who revels in being a vampire. Seduction is his middle name as he ventures across high society enrapturing both men and women in his playful little bloody web. He's another bad boy, dangerous enough to live the metaphor to the fullest in being the vampire rock star in later books. Others have tried to fill Lestat's high class shoes (sorry Stuart) but ole Tommy will always be the sexiest and most memorable incarnation of this classic vampire.

12. Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with the Vampire

I'm not really in the 'Brad Pitt is OMG SO HOT' camp but I will admit that in Legends of the Fall and Interview of the Vampire, he worked it. Maybe it's the long hair. As Louis in Interview With the Vampire, Pitt started the trend of brooding vampires searching for their souls for human redemption. Falling into the world of the vampires headfirst, Louis is soon biting his way through France trying to figure out his new lust for blood as he lives without humans detecting him and his companion Lestat. A need for family causes Lestat to change orphaned child Claudia into a child vampire thus opening up a new world of vampire politics, familial ties and eventual loss.

13. Frank Langella as Dracula in the Hammer Horror Dracula movies & Bela Lugosi in Todd Browning's Dracula

Saving the best for last! To many female vampire enthusiasts, the 70s showcased the quintessential Dracula that made bloodsucking sexy. The Hammer Horror franchise took the seductive nature of the vampires of yore and added heaving bosoms, bloody dripping mouths and fangs and primal urges which became synonymous with being a creature of the night. A viable companion with the romantic 30s notion of the Victioran count, vamp scholars allude to the fact that this is where the pop culture phenomenon of the seductive vampire archetype began (definitely not with influential yet ghastly Count Orlock of Nosferatu *shiver*).

Did any of your vampire heroes miss the list?? Write your faves in the comments (be they from tv, movie or literature). Even if they're already on my list feel free to post yours.