Goal check!

I was just looking at my goal check for the latter half of this year. (Referring to this post in case you want a refresher ;-)) I'm still in progress with Ariya 2 and still trying to place Ariya 1. So far the first three chapter partials are sitting at 3 pub houses and the wait is simply agonizing! In the mean time I'm making sure the final chapters are in tip top condition.

In addition I've also submitted Cimmerian City 2 off to a pub house and finally my Nocturne Bites is going on the first month of being out of my hands and into the hands of the editor. Hopefully I don't have any send backs! :-D

Just in case any authors are wondering about submission turn around times I'm going to make a post for my experiences to gauge how long it may take to get a response from agents and publishers. I'll write that later next then link to it here.