The Blood Martyr Series

It's official. I'm a gal that's hooked and can't get enough of Fionn Jameson's Blood Martyr chapter series. Woo!

I started this alongside Teresa D'Amario's SheWolf book and I was just in paranormal happy world then. Now I await with bated breath each chapter that comes out from this series. Beware though, if you are impatient you may be ripping your hair out during this series waiting for the next chapter because these are serious cliffhangers! lol. Tanith is the lead heroine here dealing with humans, the Were King and a few fellow vampires within her city. It's all written in the first person, normally I'm not too jazzed about this POV but I LOVE Tanith's quips and inner thoughts, it wouldn't fit any other way.

Hot love scenes make this a steamy read and there's always danger lurking around the next page to make you wanna see what happens next.

The Blood Martyr series goes on my best of 2008 list! Highly recommend this dark urban fantasy!

Blood Martyr Chapters 1-4 is available now from Freya's Bower.