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Indie Baby

I used to be a nut studying trends in the movie industry. I used to record the Oscars to see what was popular in the voter's minds (that didn't last long, believe you me) but my Oscar night was the Indie Spirit Awards. I always looked forward to movies and entertainers that weren't talked about by the mainstream. I loved the laid back look of the attendees and the cool, relaxing Santa Monica beach tents that hosted the ceremonies. After awhile I stopped watching movie trends and migrated to books shortly before I dove in to writing professionally.

I've been sensing an awesome trend in the blogosphere lately. Zoe has been posting a wonderful sequence of blogs on going indie. is finally open with a huge group of book lovers and independent bookstore lovers striving to keep the stores open amidst the giant corporate takeovers (sounds like a Tom Clancy movie) and one of my favorite directors, David Lynch, has taken the indie road with his latest film, documen…

13 Shows Cancelled Before Their Time

(Just FYI: All us SF fans out there know how common this is for our shows to get axed so this is just a teensy sampling of the many shows that still deserve to finish their runs on the air)















September's Nocturne Bites Looks Good!

Yay! The new book page for September's Nocturne Bites link is finally up and it looks like a good one! This is definitely on my to read list not only for the hot hot hot cover (yes I loves the beefcake covers, what romance reader doesn't I guess hehe) but the story sounds rather fascinating.

Dreamcatcher byAnna Leonard
You’re mine. All mine. I will consume you, piece by piece, and I will never be done...Emma awakened each morning feeling increasingly exhausted and weak, as though she was slowly being drained of life. And rather than reviving her, sleep seemed to deplete her further. Most disturbing of all was the voice she heard in her dreams threatening to consume her until nothing was left.With his pale, translucent skin and deep, dark eyes, there was something unearthly about Matthew, the Home Health Aid hired by Emma’s dad, but somehow he inspired Emma’s trust. So when he asked her permission to use his powers to help her, she gave it willingly. Suddenly he was appearing in…

Goal check!

I was just looking at my goal check for the latter half of this year. (Referring to this post in case you want a refresher ;-)) I'm still in progress with Ariya 2 and still trying to place Ariya 1. So far the first three chapter partials are sitting at 3 pub houses and the wait is simply agonizing! In the mean time I'm making sure the final chapters are in tip top condition.

In addition I've also submitted Cimmerian City 2 off to a pub house and finally my Nocturne Bites is going on the first month of being out of my hands and into the hands of the editor. Hopefully I don't have any send backs! :-D

Just in case any authors are wondering about submission turn around times I'm going to make a post for my experiences to gauge how long it may take to get a response from agents and publishers. I'll write that later next then link to it here.

Looking for IR/MC Authors and Books

Hey folks! September is almost upon us. As the summer comes to a close and the kids are heading to back to school, it's time to revisit the alphabet and welcome fall with Coffee Time Romance's Alphabet Authors! A round of events will commence starting September 1st with each author hosting and giving away goodies. Yours truly included. ;-)

I'd like to invite all authors and readers of multicultural & interracial romance and speculative works to add your books and your favorite reads to the list with a synopsis and a link to the book or purchase page. Author Pat Cromwell will be joining me in the forum. She runs a fabulous site with a list of IR books now available from a wonderful array of authors. My TBR list grows every time I visit the page. ;-) If you'd like to check it out, trot on over here:

In the meantime, feel free to join the Coffee Time Romance forums at and please don't fo…

Acres of Books closes its doors

This is so weird because as you may have remembered, I recently blogged about going to Acres of Books and hoping its doors remain open. Looks like that will be the last time I see it. :-( First Bungalow News now Acres of Books. I'm always bummed to see the indies close their doors and even more so when it's stores I visited with my family since I was a little girl. They'll be sorely missed.


"Acres of Books," Iconic Downtown LB Bookstore at 240 LB Blvd., Will Close Amid Deal To Sell Site To Redevelopment Agency(April 5, 2008) -- has learned that Acres of Books, LB's iconic downtown bookstore at 240 LB Blvd., will be closing, possibly as soon as October 2008 or perhaps in up to a year, with the property owners accepting an offer from LB's Redevelopment Agency to buy the site.
Image source: www.acresofbooks.comThe 12,000 sq. ft property will be sold to the LB's Redevelopment Agency...and will reportedly become part of a mi…

Book Blogger Appreciation Week September 15-19

I'm all about spreading the word about great reads that don't get the publicity they deserve. And as an author there's only so much time in the day to spread the word about your new works available to readers. That's part of why I dedicated this blog to reading and great books as well as my own works. So I decided to get on board and share this awesome event coming up next month. Thanks to Phoebe's Talk About My Favorite Authors Blog, I found a link to My Friend Amy; the founder of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Sounds like a blast so I grabbed a button and placed it on my sidebar. Book Bloggers if you'd like to join, check out My Friend Amy's post for how to register and participate.

Linkspam, Upcoming Con and new blog reads

Hey folks!

Taking a break from the book recommends to share some news.

First off, I just found out about KillerCon 2009. This is a multi-genre con featuring the paranormal romance, thriller and horror genres all in one goodie package. The first annual con will be held next September in Las Vegas baby and registrations are open now. I'm planning on attending with some promo goodies and books in hand so if any authors out there want to share a table drop me an email or leave me a message on my myspace page. Readers, I'll keep you posted on my first ever con appearance which is very exciting!

To learn more about KillerCon09, click the official website:

Great blog alert! You may have noticed a new addition to my ever growing list of blog reads. The newest addition is Zoe Winters' blog, an upcoming paranormal romance writer who is very witty while being informative at the same time. Her list of topics include pop culture, books, romance and just plain ole a…

Sara's Reward - A Sweet Treasure of a novel

Sara's Reward by Joan Early

Don't let the too hot to handle cover fool ya (and it is an awesomely hot one, I have to admit). There is a wonderful, warm story as yummy as sweet potato pie between these covers that proves you can go home again.

Sara leaves her affluent lifestyle and her prestigious yet neglecting lawyer husband once she suspects his infideltiy, with her best friend, no less. After a devastating miscarriage, she returns home to Chaumiere Isle where her Aunt Olivia (Liv) and Uncle brought her up after Sara's parents died when she was young. When Sara returns to the home she grew up, it is quite different and very full with an assortment of boarders who have become a sort of surrogate family. There's volatile Vietnam Vet Mr. Nash, Aria a hard working young girl who once lived on the streets and is struggling with low confidence in herself but has a big heart; and then there's Michael. The hot yet sweet confident New Englander who comes from a family whose…

EZ Rejection Form Generator

Under the list of 'Things I'm Doing When I Should be Writing/Designing" comes a fun lil link I saw over at LROD (Literary Rejections on Display-great blog, btw) for the EZ Rejection Form Letter for Writers:
Literary Agent Version

From the site:

With the publishing industry awash in manuscripts from enthusiastic would-be novelists, literary agents are having a hard time keeping up. Lately, even the best agencies are resorting to random (see if you can find it in the mailbox) postcard rejection notices, and squint-to-read rejection slips mass produced from toner-depleted copiers.

Writers, you can help! With your next novel submission, encourage the agent to fill out this handy EZ Rejection Form Letter. It’ll save the second assistants some time, and give you the most detailed rejection letter you probably ever got. :)
Anna Richenda created this and it's too funny (if not true on some points LOL). I tried one out and here's what I got. (I hope she adds m…

Woot! Rockin' praise for Before Dawn Breaks!

Check out these awesome reviews for my current release Before Dawn Breaks! I'm so jazzed they enjoyed the story! :-D

"Rae Lori’s novel Before Dawn Breaks is a fantastic interracial romance, packed with action and that Happily Ever After that all of us secretly seek out. I have read a few of Ms. Lori’s novels but this has to be my favorite out of all of them. She has a way of drawing the reader into the story and before you know it, it’s over. Just a really enticing read all around. 5 Hearts."

-Crystal's Book Reviews

"Before Dawn Breaks is an absolute gem of a book. The thrilling plot thickens with each turn of the page, and the secondary characters add authenticity to each situation Camilla/Alex and Josh encounter. I liken Before Dawn Breaks to watching a film inside my head. I hated the baddies, cheered for the goodies, and gained satisfaction from the HEA.
A fast-p…

Sex and the Single Braddock - Sexy, breezy read

This book not only has a gorgeous cover but a great story within its pages.

Thanks to Sparkle for posting this over at IMRR. :-D

I was excited to see Harlequin releasing another bwwm IR novel. They seem to come out like Haley's comet over there so fellow fans like myself of this subgenre have to grab em while they can.

I'm happy to say that S&SB does not disappoint in all aspects of telling a great story. If you're like me and haven't read all of the Braddock series, you won't be lost a bit as all the Braddock siblings are explained in detail.

I won't rehash the synopsis as it is available in the link below on the HQN book page, but I will say what I really enjoyed about the book.

First of all it's characters. Shondra is a strong female without being too close offish. Due to her father's death she's a bit vulnerable and although she is really attracted to the hero (who's seriously a babe, who can blame her?) she wants to tread lightly considering…

The Blood Martyr Series

It's official. I'm a gal that's hooked and can't get enough of Fionn Jameson's Blood Martyr chapter series. Woo!

I started this alongside Teresa D'Amario's SheWolf book and I was just in paranormal happy world then. Now I await with bated breath each chapter that comes out from this series. Beware though, if you are impatient you may be ripping your hair out during this series waiting for the next chapter because these are serious cliffhangers! lol. Tanith is the lead heroine here dealing with humans, the Were King and a few fellow vampires within her city. It's all written in the first person, normally I'm not too jazzed about this POV but I LOVE Tanith's quips and inner thoughts, it wouldn't fit any other way.

Hot love scenes make this a steamy read and there's always danger lurking around the next page to make you wanna see what happens next.

The Blood Martyr series goes on my best of 2008 list! Highly recommend this dark urban fantasy!


August Spotlight on Author Savannah Frierson

This month we have a fabulous author on the rise that I've been watching for sometime now. Another trailblazer in the land of IR romance with a hot new release you'll have to check out. Savannah J. Frierson.

Originally from from Blythewood, SC, Savannah now lives in Massachusetts where she proofreads textbooks, serves as a content editor for Red Rose Publishing and authors her books. She graduated from Harvard in 2005 with a joint concentration in African & African American Studies and English.

She cites Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor as an inspiration for her writing, focusing on about a strong black family in the 1930s Mississippi and all the challenges they faced. Since then, she garners inspiration from the works of Toni Morrison to Maya Angelou to Alice Walker to Jamaica Kincaid, to Jack London's The Sea-Wolf and Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities and many more as inspiration for her work.

For this month's author spotlight, I interviewe…

Before Dawn Breaks Name Contest

The time has come!! Picked at random, the winner of the Before Dawn Breaks Name Contest is:


Congrats, Crystal!

If anyone who entered is interested in thank you goodies, drop me a message (Rachel AT to let me know where to send them!

Thanks to everyone again for entering!