One More Day to enter!

Just a reminder to readers out there! If you haven't entered the Before Dawn Breaks Name Contest, you got one more day to enter. I'm gearing up the goodies now to send to the winner. Woo hoo!

In other news, I'm starting to get back on track after having some internet issues last week.

Today I attended the Athena Writer's club in SL to see author LA Banks speak at Story Mountain Lodge. It was awesome (and I loved her av!). I learned a lot about her writing process, how she became prolific and how she became such a success. One of the things about Ms Banks that really inspires me is how she does so well across a multitude of genres. In this biz, I'm always hearing about how hard it is to find a reader base if you don't stick to just one genre. I love to write different kinds of stories and some of these stories in habit different worlds, times and moods which crosses genres at times. As a multigenre reader, I love to read based on my mood and my interests at the time which can swing from straight romance to paranormal romance to sci-fi and suspense/thrillers. My books are literally starting to overtake my home with the amount I've been collecting *laughs*. Hopefully I can provide the same comfort for my readers out there. :-)


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I was there too - drop me a line and we'll hook up sometime in SL!!!!