New Release! Before Dawn Breaks

It's July 1st and you know what that means!

Before Dawn Breaks is now available from Freya's Bower!

Alexandra Lyons is a cold, seductive assassin, skilled in the art of killing. Camilla Angelson is a bubbly writer enjoying the quiet life as a recent graduate from college. Both women are the same person. Unfortunately, her former employer, the secret government bureau that hired her, knows this all too well.

Josh Mayer is a former secret service agent looking to pick up the pieces of his life after a messy divorce from a cheating wife and a job of putting his life on the line. Doubling as a restaurateur and an "unofficial" undercover agent, the beautiful female target he is protecting may be the same one he is willing to risk his life and, most of all, his heart to save.

Soon, Josh must put his life on the line to evade an unknown killer that ties them all the way to a money-laundering scheme involving the newest presidential candidate to the White House. Meanwhile, Alexandra's heart is warmed with Josh at her side as she slowly remembers the dark past she left behind.

Rating: Sweet

Book Length: Novel

Price: $5.75

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Contemporary

Available @ Freya's Bower


Miss Mahana said...

Congrats on the new release, Rae!!!

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Noelani! :-D

Savannah Chase said...

tossing confetti, congrats on the new book...woohooo

time to celebrate

Rae Lori said...

Yay celebration!

Thanks Sav! First round's on me, hehe. :-D