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One More Day to enter!

Just a reminder to readers out there! If you haven't entered the Before Dawn Breaks Name Contest, you got one more day to enter. I'm gearing up the goodies now to send to the winner. Woo hoo!

In other news, I'm starting to get back on track after having some internet issues last week.

Today I attended the Athena Writer's club in SL to see author LA Banks speak at Story Mountain Lodge. It was awesome (and I loved her av!). I learned a lot about her writing process, how she became prolific and how she became such a success. One of the things about Ms Banks that really inspires me is how she does so well across a multitude of genres. In this biz, I'm always hearing about how hard it is to find a reader base if you don't stick to just one genre. I love to write different kinds of stories and some of these stories in habit different worlds, times and moods which crosses genres at times. As a multigenre reader, I love to read based on my mood and my interests at the ti…

Book sales decline, but e-book sales rise

Promwad's E-book cover concept design

The Southern Review reports:

Book sales decline as consumers cut spending in contracting economyNet sales of books in April fell 3.5 percent to $472.7 million, based on data from 79 publishers as reported to the Association of American Publishers. For the year to date, net sales of books were $2.183 billion, unchanged from the same period last year.
Not all sales were down. Among those that increased were:E-book sales rose 19.9 percent to $3.4 million. University press hardcover sales rose 12.1 percent to $5.6 million. Adult mass market sales rose 4.7 percent to $53.2 million. Adult trade paperback sales rose 4.5 percent to $118.3 million. Audiobook sales rose 1.7 percent to $12.6 million.Among declining categories:Higher Ed sales declined 30.5 percent to $8 million.Religious books decreased 21.5 percent to $34.2 million. Children's/YA hardcover sales dropped 19.9 percent to $39 million. University press paperback…

Zoe: A classic love story

From the moment I saw the cover for Zoe by T.A. Ford, I was entranced. The rich pastel textures reminded me of sweet confections reminiscent of beautiful previous century tapestries. The fact that a beautiful girl with smooth coffee skin instead of the usual porcelain complexion graced the cover made me sit up and take notice along with the laced title.

I don't usually read historical romances, mainly because the heroines were of the run of the mill same variety without much difference between them. Thus I couldn't find much interest. I did read historical fiction, like the Feast of July & Legends of the Fall, and many movies that took placed in the previous century that were adapted from books still grace my shelves to this day.

However Zoe has helped introduced me to a new love in a genre I hope to find more of in the coming days: IR Historical Romance.

And yet it's so much more than that.

From the moment we're introduced to Zoe, her sister Marianne and her stepmothe…

New Release! Before Dawn Breaks

It's July 1st and you know what that means!

Before Dawn Breaks is now available from Freya's Bower!

Alexandra Lyons is a cold, seductive assassin, skilled in the art of killing. Camilla Angelson is a bubbly writer enjoying the quiet life as a recent graduate from college. Both women are the same person. Unfortunately, her former employer, the secret government bureau that hired her, knows this all too well.

Josh Mayer is a former secret service agent looking to pick up the pieces of his life after a messy divorce from a cheating wife and a job of putting his life on the line. Doubling as a restaurateur and an "unofficial" undercover agent, the beautiful female target he is protecting may be the same one he is willing to risk his life and, most of all, his heart to save.

Soon, Josh must put his life on the line to evade an unknown killer that ties them all the way to a money-laundering scheme involving the newest presidential candidate to the White House. Meanwhile, Alexa…

July Spotlight on Author T.A. Ford

I'm always excited to hear about new authors and this month we have a special treat for you with an especially hot author and a very cool book just in time for summer reading.

Meet T.A. Ford.

A wonderful author who should be an inspiration to all aspiring storytellers wanting to share their work through publication. As she shared her own story, I couldn't help being amazed at her determination to push the naysayers aside and continue to bring her story to publication on her own terms despite the standard industry roadblocks standing in her way. Now her debut novel is a favorite among readers and is still being shared through word of mouth (not to mention, it skipped a few books to the top of my TBR pile hehe). Ms. T, my hats off to you! :-)

Born in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida Ms. Ford began writing at the early age of eight. The oldest of two children with a schoolteacher for a mother, she was taught the power of words and of the countless adventures that could be found …