Settling back in at home

Whew! Finally back home again yet still recovering. That's the weird thing about traveling, you don't feel the lethargy until the next day (after sleeping in your own bed again yay!!). While touring the old stomping grounds I got to go back to one of my fam's fave used bookstores: Acres of Books. After being shocked after how much downtown had changed, we received another shock: Acres of Books was possibly moving...IF they can get another location (after all, they really do need acres because of how many books is stored in that warehouse). We bought some tees and totes to help support one of our fave indie bookstores but I couldn't help being bummed at seeing it go. We lost Crown Books in the early 00's. B. Dalton and Waldenbooks left us as they merged with Barnes and Noble & Borders respectively. Now one of our locals was going down as well.

It made me realize how much I miss shopping at Indie bookstores.

Now, I'm an avid e-shopper, especially of books and ebooks. Love em to death, but I'd have to agree with Marta, who recently lost her fave indie bookstore, Cody's, the net can't replace that feeling when you're wandering among an indie bookstore. Yesterday I got to walk through my old neighborhood Borders store (I remember that store first came around and we were so excited...the layout hadn't changed a bit!). Lots of new releases and current authors filled the stacks and I remembered a lot of authors I have come in contact with online. Wild feeling.

Later on I dove into Acres of Books and I was literally like a kid again looking at authors I may have never come across. I didn't have the feeling that whatever was hot at the moment was on the shelves. Instead it was a feeling of so many good stories that I had yet to indulge in was waiting to entertain me like it had many other souls before. It was an awesome feeling that made me realize how indie bookstores are still needed for that comfort. Now I did end up buying a newish book. Strangely enough a recent release from Juno books (one of which I already have the bookmark for) but I did gather some old HQN Intrigues in the process. I wish I would've made a list of authors to look for as my brain went dead from the drain of the day, but I hope Acres of Books finds a new home so that it's history can continue on.

After all, Ray Bradbury (an avid customer of the store back in the day who also has an article posted on the front door) walked through those same doors with his love of reading and writing and many more generations of authors and book lovers have yet to continue in his footsteps.

Please support the Indie bookstores.

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