July is going to be one busy month!

Two days ago I sent in my order for invitations for my virtual book signing and yesterday I got them in. Wow! The creator made a big sign of my Before Dawn Breaks cover with a table, chair and a stack of books with one open book on top of them that says "best wishes" in script. So it looks like an actual book signing! I'm going to use it for the July 1st discussion but I was just so taken aback by the wonderful attention to detail she added to the work. That's one of the reasons I love SL, there's so much creativity running around in the virtual world and many of the people I've come to know are amazing builders.

With the big book community and it's creativity running wild there, I've decided to hold a discussion about ebooks in-world followed by a virtual book signing for Before Dawn Breaks. It's all apart of my online book tour for July! I'll add a full list of my goings-on for next month, but in the mean time here's a posted list.

July 1st - Before Dawn Breaks is released
July 7th - Author Day at Savannah Chase's Yahoo Group - 5pm/8pm EST
July12th - Ebook Discussion and Virtual Book signing in SL - 3pm/6pm EST
July 14th - RAH Author Day Chat - 5pm/8pm EST


Savannah Chase said...

oh you are busy....i cant wait to have you at the loop...

Miss Mahana said...

I'm excited for you, Rae!!! Yay!!!

Rae Lori said...

Thanks guys! I can't wait to dive in next month hehe.