Here's one for the fans!

There's got to be said for fandom of genre television. The saying "Although they may kill our shows, they may never kill our spirit" comes to mind. Someone probably said that somewhere, but honestly it just came off the top of my head. Yet it fits fandom so well. The joke goes that no other fans have been beating down as much as sci-fi fans. We've had a bunch of shows dangled in our faces like a piece of yarn in front of a hungry cat itching for some attention. Then, just as we're getting ready to dive in, they yank it back into the land of cancellation. Dvds are released named as the complete series...and we all know good and well that the complete series wasn't even close to what the show's potential presented.

Yet we still buy and think of what-if.

Well, that was then. Before the land of the internet. And this is now the world of podcasts, forums and much fan interaction still exchanging ideas and sharing a love for their favorite shows.

So here's to you fans.

A heads-up for fans of Blood Ties.

I spotted a podcast coming soon called Bite Back: The Blood Ties Podcast which should be coming soon to:

Also premiering is the Charlie Jade podcast over at Episode commentary will be provided by series creator Robert Wertheimer, and head writer Alex Epstein, and maybe contributions from a couple other series writers as well according to the CJ Podcast forum posts. If you're looking for a little something different in your sci-fi, definitely check out Charlie Jade because this is one show that definitely deserves to be up with the classics. I'm going to dive into the commentary and catch up as they're on Episode 4 already.

Keep up the fight for great shows that are gone but definitely not forgotten!


Kevin Bachelder said...

Thanks very much for mentioning our Blood Ties podcast. I'll be recording more segments this weekend so the first episode should be out very soon.

Also Charlie Jade is an outstanding series...highly recommended!

Rae Lori said...

My pleasure!

I'll definitely help spread the word to all the BT fans I know.

Looking forward to hearing the show! :-)