Spreading the love of reading, one continent at a time

Last week I received an email from a man out of the blue. I was shocked! This was a man who loved reading so much he decided to become a librarian as he collected more than 6,000 books from across the genre spectrum and more than 35 languages throughout his library. The man's name is Tadeusz Glowinski and his library located in the small Polish town of Olesnica entitled Glowinski's Library. The Student Operated Press recently did a wonderful piece on Mr. Glowinski and his love of books and I couldn't help feeling how passionate and warm-hearted he felt toward the written word. The media is inundated with reports of the lack of reading and how much publishers are losing money so it was refreshing to hear one man's journey to enter a career based on his love of books.

I'm honored to announce that Mr. Glowinski has asked to have my books added to his library. So this week I'll be gathering all of my print books to sign and send off (along with the prizes for the winners of my recent contests) to their new home in Poland. It's really exciting! As a writer and artist who spends most of her time creating and spreading the word about her creations, it's amazing to me to digest that such a great collector of so many books has asked to house a collection of my signed works. This was also coming off the news in seeing my name on a few blog lists accompanied by some of the big name authors of today. Talk about mind boggling!

To any authors out there, and even readers who love a variety of books, please check out the link to the article above and then drop an email to Mr. Glowinski as he loves to hear from people all over the world. If you have a blog, please spread the word about this little gem of a library and it's wonderful owner with a big heart.

Glowinski's Library - http://glowinski.olesnica.pl