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One of my current books under publishing consideration is my urban fantasy romance A Kiss of Ashen Twilight which features vampires, werewolves and shifter elves living in contemporary society. This story was really fun to write because of the research I did for the Scottish vampire hero and the Dahomey (African) fairy heroine. Different cultures as well as different species! Plus, considering everyone’s pasts extend hundreds of years, there’s a lot of information to put in the story for their character backgrounds (not to mention locations!).

I’ve went ahead and made a character list to help me visualize and figure out each character. This was originally posted on my Myspace blog sometime ago but never made an appearance here. ;-)

Jace Archane (Ar-cain)- Regent in the House of Blood; Once an artistic student of Leonardo Da Vinci and the heir of the Archane inheritance, Jace is the man who captures and fires up Ariya's heart once he saves her from an alley attack. Party boy on the surface, a romantic at heart, Jace loves his artwork and hates to be confined to expectations and rules. He is reluctant to embrace his title under his Uncle Julian, but eventually gives in once Ariya's life is put in danger.

Ariya (Ah-ree-ah) - Aziza Fairy from the Dahomey fairy realm; On the escape from an elemental, Ariya crosses into the mortal realm after viewing the death of her family and people. Unbeknownst to her, there is an underground family of nightwalker, shifter elves and lycans living under mortal eyes. Her life changes forever when one particular nightwalker saves her from an alley attack.

Julian Archane - Patriarch to the House of Blood; Uncle to Jace. Once a fierce warrior on the bloody battle lands of Scotland in the 1400s, Julian now lives as a business man primarily keeping the houses in order. Reluctant to change and anyone invading his territory, he is leery of Ariya the minute she takes Jace's attention away from his duties. Julian is a man of secrets partly due to the sacrifice of his wife and unborn child after he was turned.

Gael (Guy-eel) Almadovar - Regent to the House of Shifter Elves; Devastatingly handsome, smooth and a sweet talker, Gael exudes a special 'It' factor partial to his preternatual abilities. He remains close to his Patriarch Daoine (Day-oh-in) Oberon and has an easy going disposition, unless provoked. Although he has lived an exciting past (as he comes from a line of Moorish soldiers and of royalty), he lives a lowkey life now within the houses; but will be there whenever his friends need him.

<-- (not my artwork, but when I came across it, it was perfect for how I envisioned my character. Copyright this chick)

Rich Hammond - Regent to the House of Lycan; Strong both emotionally and physically, Rich shares a strong connection with Jace due to their shared history. Volatile with his emotions when under stress, Rich holds duty and honor at the highest of priorities within the house and his pack alongside his Uncle Michael, the Patriarch. Rich is wary of Ariya upon her arrival, especially upon a mutual nightwalker friend's demise, which affects his good friend within the pack.

Other characters:
Daoine Oberon - Patriarch in the House of Shifter Elves; also a big part in the history of the Ashen Twilight House

Rides (woo hoo!)

Jace's ride:
BMW Volga Roadster

Rich's ride:
Kawasaki Ninja

Gael's ride:
(copyright this dude)
Roush Mustang Convertible

Ariya's ride:

The Archane Family Crest

In the Dahomey mythology, the Aziza is a benign fairy race providing good magic and practical advice for hunters. In various mythologies across the world, vampires are depicted as vicious dark hunters. When Ariya, an Aziza fairy, comes in contact with a vampire named Jace Archane, she will either be a great benefit to the hunt…or the worst distraction for his heart.

When a vicious elemental creature targets Ariya, she immediately crosses into the mortal realm to hide. A more dangerous threat awaits her as she is nearly attacked by renegade shapeshifters in the form of wolves. Help arrives in the form of Jace Archane, a handsome vampire of Scottish origins with a history dating back to the late medieval period in the Highlands of Scotland. He is next in line to become Patriarch in the vampire House of Blood under the Ashen Twilight House; a society of nightwalkers, lycans and shifter elves that have lived undetected among humans for centuries. Jace and Ariya’s attraction to each other is evident, but Jace is reluctant to lower his guard and help her after coming to terms with death’s curse: everyone he feeds from dies. Ariya is undeterred by his fear of contact and insists on remaining under his protection once a member of the House of Blood is murdered after leaving Jace’s home one evening.

Before long, Jace and Ariya are on a quest to clear their names, find the real murderer and search for the true power controlling the elemental. Eventually their search leads to a forgotten ally with plans to overthrow the Archane legacy and use Ariya’s fairy blood to fuel an immortal thirst for power.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am now officially dying to read this story! I am sending "must sell soon" vibes your way. :) And I LOVE the cast list, I could totally picture this as a movie too with your great character descriptions!

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Judi! :-D

This was so fun to write! The vibes are much appreciated hehe.

I'll keep you guys updated on the progress! :-)