Goals for 2008 (The second half)

I just saw a post over at JA Konrath's A Newbie's Guide to Publishing (if you haven't checked out his blog yet, do so NOW--great inspirational, no holds barred reading for authors) and I came to a post about goals. Seeing as how we're in the middle of the month (and pretty much the year) I thought I would reflect on the publishing goals I made last December for the start of this year.

Submission Goal for the start of 2008

Uthiel's Embrace (High Fantasy Romance)
To Send to FB (one of my other fave houses)
(Check! And released )

Works in Progress I'd like to finish for the first half of 2008
Within the Shadows of Mortals aka Ariya 2 (Paranormal Romance/Contemp. Dark Fantasy)
Cimmerian Girl (Futuristic)

Ariya 2 is still in progress but I'd love to finish that this year. I'm currently shopping Ariya 1 (aka A Kiss of Ashen Twilight) and will hopefully have that one released and in reader's hands soon.

Cimmerian Girl is a definite check! I've decided to write both Cimmerian World and Cimmerian Girl as one whole continuation from the events of Cimmerian City. I'm happy to say that as of yesterday the book is complete and now I'm going through final edits before it leaves my eyes into some beta reader friends of mine. This one was a toughie because I had to write it in a way that satisfied readers of CC and didn't bore them but also catch up those who hadn't read the previous book so they wouldn't feel lost.

In the meantime I'm gearing up for the Before Dawn Breaks release. I'm trying to gather some goodies for readers to whet their romantic suspense appetites. I'll definitely keep you guys posted on the release and any news I may have.

Goals for 2008 (The second half)
Finish Ariya 2
Find a home for A Kiss of Ashen Twilight
Finish editing Book 2 of the Cimmerian Series & find a nice home for it
Write and edit my submission for HQN Nocturne Bites
Get accepted by Bites