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'Twilight Zone' Gets the Graphic Treatment

NPR Reports · Generations of television watchers have thrilled to the creepy wonders of the Twilight Zone. In Rod Serling's vision of a parallel world, coincidence reigns and demise comes with plenty of hints.Now a group of students at the Savannah College of Art and Design has re-imagined original Twilight Zone scripts as a series of eight graphic novels.Anna Burgard, director of the college's Industry Partnerships program, got the idea after talking with Earl Hamner, one of the Twilight Zone's original scriptwriters. Burgard had been intrigued by the school's Sequential Art Department, whose 400 students deal in comics, graphic novels, anything with images in sequence. Hamner introduced Burgard to Carol Serling, Rod Serling's widow, who gave the green light to the graphic novels.For the students, the work provided a chance to bring their own take to a pop classic. The Serling stories show surprising staying power. "They're still really relevant," …

Coming up in June at AWD!

Oh, it's gonna be a hot one!

Throughout the month of June I'll be spotlight fellow author and WoCBTer Nicole Givens Kurtz and her new novel Silenced debuting June 1st. I'll also be blurbing Raven Happy Hour's Mandy and Michelle's new releases for this summer on June 3rd. Keep an eye out for current books I'll be reading, review recommendations and other goodies I'll be posting. :-)

Charlie Jade comes to Sci-Fi Channel & New blog reads

Saw this link on the AW boards in someone's siggy. I was curious, clicked it and was taken to The Galaxy Express: Adventures in Science Fiction Romance blog. It gives a list of the authors throughout the decades that wrote spec romance and gives an extensive list of sci-fi and romance resources sites. This one is going on my blog reads.

I've also added the new blog Bitten By Books to my reads, a nice up and coming paranormal review blog.

Great news for my fellow Charlie Jade fans out there. The sci-fi noir series is coming to the Sci-Fi Channel on June 9th. If there's enough interest we'll most likely see a DVD set or even a season 2!!

Here's the official scoop from

The series follows Charlie Jade, a rogue private detective in a world dominated by greedy multi-national corporations. When Charlie sees the corpse of a beautiful young woman, he realizes that she has no identity, something inconceivable in Charlie’s world. While investigating the case he …

Mandy and Michelle's Raven Happy Hour moves to nights!

Those Raven Nights!Raven Radio, as mentioned in Romantic Times Magazine, is moving to nights! Tune in every Wed at 11-12 PM EST and join Authors Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth as they talk about everything, nothing and the paranormal. Guests include NY Times and USA Today Bestselling authors as well as those wonderfully talented authors soon to be there, editors, paranormal tour guides, psychics, ghost hunters, specialists and more! or
Listeners are welcome to join the live chat or call in to the show to talk to us and our guests. The show will move to its new evening schedule, May 28th where listeners can catch us every Wednesday at 11PM to 12AM EST. We have a lot of authors on the upcoming line up and you can see a full schedule of guests here:

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight - Project Spotlight

One of my current books under publishing consideration is my urban fantasy romance A Kiss of Ashen Twilight which features vampires, werewolves and shifter elves living in contemporary society. This story was really fun to write because of the research I did for the Scottish vampire hero and the Dahomey (African) fairy heroine. Different cultures as well as different species! Plus, considering everyone’s pasts extend hundreds of years, there’s a lot of information to put in the story for their character backgrounds (not to mention locations!). I’ve went ahead and made a character list to help me visualize and figure out each character. This was originally posted on my Myspace blog sometime ago but never made an appearance here. ;-)

Jace Archane (Ar-cain)- Regent in the House of Blood; Once an artistic student of Leonardo Da Vinci and the heir of the Archane inheritance, Jace is the man who captures and fires up Ariya's heart once he saves her from an alley attack. Party boy on the …

Let's start the week off right!

Woo hoo. Some things to shave off on my to-do list. The second book to Cimmerian City is finished and now I have a beta going over it for inconsistencies and mistakes. So for now I'm putting that aside to work on my short for submission to Nocturne Bites. I started it back in Feb but I got so burned out on the paranormal I needed an extended break to refresh my mind. Now I'm jazzed and ready to dive back in again so I'll probably writing that and editing what's already written (for clarity and all).

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight my urban fantasy romance is at a few publishers for consideration. May have to wait a bit on that and I'm still eager to get Ariya and Jace's story out. I may start on Ariya 2 while they are still fresh in minds. To get in the mood I may re-post the dream cast list from my earlier myspace blog and newsletter posts. Also a blurb and maybe an excerpt to give you readers an idea of what the story is about.

Those are pretty much my goals for the s…

Not-so-perfect heroes

It's been a while since I've seen the Indiana Jones trilogy (and you best believe I'm going to be there next weekend to see Indy 4). My brother and I watched the tapes when we were younger. So much in fact we started quoting them as we watched and my brother (who has a talent for doing different voices) would act out certain parts with much emoting.

Watching them again as a writer I've come to really appreciate the films as fun adventure movies, and great lessons in storytelling featuring a not so perfect hero. Indy gets in situation after situation and we're glued to our chairs trying to figure out how he'll get out of each predicament. I love that Indy isn't perfect. He screws up. Sometimes his horse moves when he tries to jump onto it from a cliff, sometimes the big bruiser he fights won't get a scratch on him with the first blow and sometimes it takes him a few tries to finally get out of a bad situation.

But he keeps on going and we're right ther…

Goals for 2008 (The second half)

I just saw a post over at JA Konrath's A Newbie's Guide to Publishing (if you haven't checked out his blog yet, do so NOW--great inspirational, no holds barred reading for authors) and I came to a post about goals. Seeing as how we're in the middle of the month (and pretty much the year) I thought I would reflect on the publishing goals I made last December for the start of this year.

Submission Goal for the start of 2008

Uthiel's Embrace (High Fantasy Romance)
To Send to FB (one of my other fave houses)
(Check! And released)

Works in Progress I'd like to finish for the first half of 2008
Within the Shadows of Mortals aka Ariya 2 (Paranormal Romance/Contemp. Dark Fantasy)
Cimmerian Girl (Futuristic)

Ariya 2 is still in progress but I'd love to finish that this year. I'm currently shopping Ariya 1 (aka A Kiss of Ashen Twilight) and will hopefully have that one released and in reader's hands soon.

Cimmerian Girl is a definite check! I've decided to write b…

Geeking out on extras

I dunno what it is but the moment I hear about an upcoming dvd release my first instinct is to ask what kind of extras are included in the dvd set. I LOVE extras. I guess I can credit it to my love of filmmaking for behind the scenes movie magic. I also love to see the insights of the cast and crew on their thoughts for the making of the film. Recently I finally got my hands on Blade Runner: The Final Cut and seriously geeked out during a whole weekend just watching extras from all aspects of the film including costumes, the novel vs script comparisons and even an awesome featurette with the man himself Philip K. Dick. It was kind of wild seeing the 80s featurettes because they had this awesomely weird 70s soundtrack with shots of people on set working. Now I don't know about you other Blade Runner fans out there but I never associate the film with "our world" which is weird if you think about it but the movie always felt otherworldly if not futuristic at most. Seeing it…

Before Dawn Breaks - Coming soon from Freya's Bower

I couldn't wait to post about my new book Before Dawn Breaks not only because it's my first full length book in a while but also because I'm pretty proud of the cover I created. I had a previous one by that didn't have the impact I wanted to convey. So I started all over and was so fortunate to come upon two picks that PERFECTLY depicted the main characters of Alexandra (Alex) and Josh. This book, which was once a screenplay, first started out as a romantic comedy but as I adapted it for the narrative form, I found out it really wanted to become a romantic suspense novel. Thus was born Before Dawn Breaks which fuses two of my fave genres together. Surprisingly this one was contemporary rather than what most of my work turned out to be: futuristic. But don't worry speculative fans, I have a few upcoming works currently looking for homes which will hopefully quench your thirsts. :-)

Since I'm not currently working on my computer I won't be able to update my we…

Spreading the love of reading, one continent at a time

Last week I received an email from a man out of the blue. I was shocked! This was a man who loved reading so much he decided to become a librarian as he collected more than 6,000 books from across the genre spectrum and more than 35 languages throughout his library. The man's name is Tadeusz Glowinski and his library located in the small Polish town of Olesnica entitled Glowinski's Library. The Student Operated Press recently did a wonderful piece on Mr. Glowinski and his love of books and I couldn't help feeling how passionate and warm-hearted he felt toward the written word. The media is inundated with reports of the lack of reading and how much publishers are losing money so it was refreshing to hear one man's journey to enter a career based on his love of books.

I'm honored to announce that Mr. Glowinski has asked to have my books added to his library. So this week I'll be gathering all of my print books to sign and send off (along with the prizes for the w…

Burnt out Book Industry

Ah...A moment to let things sink in.

It's been a while since I actually posted a real blog here that wasn't an announcement of some sort and I'm trying to get back into the groove of things rather than just pop in and pop out. Hopefully I'll have more time to do that. But I needed this time to take a breath and reflect on why I write.

Blog Reader: Obviously Rae, you write because you love it.

True reader, I do. But sometimes life throws a few curves at you that calls for a step back to recognize where you came from so you can get where you're going.

This is not a logical industry. Writing itself is not a logical endeavor. Well, aside from technical books and non-fiction instruction books :-P writing is not necessarily logical. No other industry is based on the intuition and the opinion of a buyer. Both behind the scenes and after the product is sold. Each step of the way for book production is based on a) how a publisher feels, b) how an agent feels, c) how marketing…