Oldie but Goodie Friday Night Movie: Witch Hunt

I was thinking about this movie the other day. You know one of those nostalgic moments you have back when movies and tv were really good and then suddenly disappeared. Yup those moments. Last year I finally bought the movie (which was only available on video--boo HBO!) and rewatched it.

Jazz, film noir with a touch of paranormal. What's not to love? It's kind of like a David Lynch movie only the connection Lynch has with this movie is his composer Angelo Badalamenti, musical artist extraordanaire. If Witch Hunt had a soundtrack, I would have bought it years ago. The music captures the time period of 50s mystery and smooth noir so well you would have thought it came from one of the jazz bands of the time.

Dennis Hopper is, dare I say, sexy as Philip Lovecraft (yup, that one) and Sheryl Lee Ralph looks sooo beautiful! Law and Order and Under Siege fans would remember Eric Bogosian as the big bad Senator here working alongside creepy Julian Sands (and, man can that dude play creepy well).

This is a great movie for paranormal and horror fans because of the aspect of witchcraft being outlawed in Hollywood yet is working in more of an underground fashion. Once a big shot Hwood mogul is killed by witchcraft, Philip is on the job to find out just what happened to him. His search leads to an underground brothel which makes its money pushing women using magic to fit any look the client wants. Sort of like a paranormal L.A. Confidential in a way.

Anyway, it captures the mood of L.A. so well it got me homesick just like Mulholland Drive, The End of Violence and Time Code. (I'll probably blog about those later).

Hopefully this movie comes to DVD in the near future.


LaraQ said...

It was released on dvd with Cast a Deadly Spell but in limited quantities and is now OOP. :(

About the only music you can probably get from it is Nina Simone singing I Put A Spell on You.