What the flippity flip!?!?!

Darn you writers for making Moonlight a compelling drama! Darn you for killing off a potentially good character and darn you even more for making me care!

Okay I am literally shocked now because the writers of Moonlight actually turned it around from the crap that was the first few episodes to some awesome action-drama in the form of the previous episodes. I still keep my distaste for what it was in the beginning compared to now. Still, I am not a happy viewer.

I love paranormal romance as much as the next girl. Heck, I'm still a Nick and Nat fan from Forever Knight days. And to be honest Mick and Beth are kind of dullsville in the romance department...more like brother and sister or good buddies. Now they go and pick off Beth's man and I reeeallly hope it's not just to make the romance skyrocket to full bloom. To be even more honest Mick and Coraline are smokin' together and I'm still wondering the whereabouts of Coraline since she last dove off that hospital bed.

But can I just say how jazzed I am to see Mick using his vampire mojo in this episode? Dude was jumping around, flipping off cars, showing his fangs in an investigation, kicking some major booty, biting folks and just all around reveling in his vampireness. It was awesome! Whoever are the new writers they've hired, I sure hope they can come back after the strike is over because we need more of that kind of Moonlight and less googly eyes. I'm jazzed they didn't go the FK way by turning Josh into a vamp...although the possibilities are interesting.

Nevertheless, this was an awesome episode tonight despite killing off "The Obstacle" (cause really that's all shippers see him as). Next week looks like its going to be good with the return of Coraline and the continuation of the previous episode. I think we may have a few more episodes until the episodes run out but I'll be keeping an eye out on what will happen with the show.

In other related news, Vampire Wire reported that an EW feature mentioned Blood Ties may be returning! WOO HOO! I'm reeeally hoping that it does because I need to get my BT fix, particularly Henry. Yum yum. And they can't just leave us hanging wondering about what happened with Vicki being all alone and Asteroth wandering the streets causing chaos.

I really hope all the paranormal goodies on tv won't be coming to an end. It did seem like an anomaly that so many were on at one time. As if someone at the networks were sleeping at the helm. I fear that my drought will be returning with the oncoming strike. Which I don't think is too much of a bad thing. I'm catching up on all the movies that I saw growing up (and was too young to watch). I'm also catching up on some much needed reading material and I'm shuffling through my latest novel at a pretty good pace. (It's become the The Thing That Would.Not.End. now which can be a good thing)

Nevertheless I'm a hundred percent behind the writers and hope they get a fair deal eventually.

In the meantime I'll be preparing for the newest kid on the sci-fi TV block.

Yes folks, The Sarah Conner Chronicles is premiering this Sunday on Fox. Yes the same network that killed Firefly before it fully grew its wings (although was still awesome in its youngling stages). And the same network that never told us who John Doe really was. So I'm hoping we get to have a little taste of the show before it disappears. The show stars British actress Lena Headey in the title role (awesome actress but I'm interested in seeing how she takes over Linda Hamilton's famous role) and the uber talented Summer Glau (River herself!)