Moonlight goes out with a blaze

Okay whoa!

I can safely say that Moonlight has turned itself around into a pretty good show. Last Friday was the final episode for the season and I'm not sure if and/or when it's coming back. I do know that if this is the final show for the entire show, I'd be one happy person because it ended with just enough questions to keep you wondering, it implies enough for the fangirl shippers and most of all, it provided some interesting backstory on the vampire mythology for this particular world.

The highlight of the show was definitely the way Coraline's family and Louis XVI were all vampires and the French Revolution was a big effort to destroy vampires. Hangings didn't work? Next step beheading. I love it when fiction (esp paranormal fiction) ties itself to history because it makes it that much more believable.

Plus there's a scene where Mick gets his butt handed to him after becoming human. Hopefully that'll bring on a scene reminiscent of Vicki's line in Blood Ties. "Okay I get it! Vampires are cool."

Indeed they are.

I hope to see more episodes that continue to on the path of great entertainment that this show as come from. It's a HUGE step up from it's early episodes. I'm officially sad now because there aren't anymore new episodes of my fave vampire/paranormal shows. Sigh. I guess next up is True Blood based on the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series. But I'm still waiting to hear when that's coming.

In the meantime I have my books and stories to keep me occupied. And those little goodies called reruns to revisit the good times.