I have news!!!!

But I can't share the news just yet until it's official and safe hehe.

In the meantime I'll share a lil story with you.

So a few days ago I was trotting along at my home in Amazon.com third party sellers and I was buying up print versions of ebooks that I bought and really liked (well, okay one wasn't that good but it was a guilty pleasure as only HQN can provide). I was jazzed at all the prices of the backlist books being in the cents range. So I filled up my Amazon cart to about 4, 5 books thinking that shipping should only be about, oh...10, 15 bucks.


My book charge = $1.75
Shipping and stuffs = $27.15

Say wha?! I almost flipped out my chair. Then a tear came to my eye.

It made me wish for the Espresso Book machine even more. One in every home. Ah man wouldn't that be beautiful. Especially for us artists who would love to craft a book together after we print it. Bookmaking on a whole new level. But I digress.

I love my print books. And as you already may know, I love my ebooks. But if I really love ebooks I like to support the authors even more and buy their print books. More cash for them, a nice spot on the shelf for me. I'll prob end up buying em all from Amazon which would save on shipping if its from one location and the plus would be more money toward authors whose books I love.

C'est la vie. Goes the book industry.

I'm currently reading a lot of Nocturne books and will probably be reviewing them here on my blog which will be transferred over to HQN since I've joined their 100,000 Book Challenge.

And don't turn your nose up at Harlequin and romance books buddy. There's a lot of great stories about the power of emotions and human turmoil that alot of the other genres could take a lesson from. There's a reason it accounts for over 51% of books sold in the entire industry. ;-)
If sci-fi and romance could continue to intermingle, I will be one happy girl I'll tell ya that.

Anywho, rant is done. Stay tuned for news to be announced later on.



Tempest Knight said...

Awwww... good news and you can't tell yet? What a tease! *LOL*

Yikes on the book charges! Since I don't buy through Amazon.com, I don't know what they're coming from with these weird prices.

Rae Lori said...

Hehe it'll be soon. I promise!

Yeah it really sucks because they come from different vendors and its hard to buy the books from the same place even if they're all in the same category line. I think I may have to switch up and go where you shop for books. ;-)