First post of 2008!

Well, it's here. 2008. A new year and new goals to achieve. And I've officially aged another year on Dec. 31st. I meant to do an end of the year favorites for 2007 a few days ago during my annual end of the year Twilight Zone marathon but unfortunately I got sick and have been battling to get better. Yuck. I just remembered how much I hate being sick especially when there's so much work to do! I did get a lot of reading done over the time and tried to get as much sleep and rest as possible (not to mention overconsumption of fluids).

I've finally made it back to my computer desk and chair. Yay!

My first rejection of 2008 came in the mail today from Harlequin. It was a personal letter so that was pretty cool. It gave reasons why they couldn't accept it and what needed to be improved. I wasn't expecting anything more than a formal "not for us" response letter so I was pleasantly surprised. I'll probably rework that novella after I finish Ariya and the second Cimmerian Series books.

Over the break I did a lot of thinking and reworking. Ariya is changing from a novella to a full novel and I'm toying with the idea of making it a series. I changed CW a bit too and will probably cut down that series to 4 books. I also changed the title but I'll work more with it later.

Here's hoping to great things in '08! I'll probably blog more when I get some more of my strength back and I'm feeling 100% human again lol.


Lenoxave said...

Hello Rae. I must say I am pleasantly surprised that constructive criticism was given and ways to improve your work.

The letter being handwritten floored me. They turned you down and that isn't the business, but if the suggestions help you in anyway, I suppose there can be something positive about it.

Rae Lori said...

Hi Danielle!

I was surprised too! At the same time I was hoping I didn't just get a form letter after everything that came before. It would be such a downer. :-(

But I do know what to check out the next time I go through edits again. So yeah that's a nice positive. :-)