The Executive's Surprise Baby by Catherine Mann

The Executive's Surprise Baby by Catherine Mann
HQN Silhouette Desire
Publication date: Dec 01, 2007
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The only other Desire book I've read was Taking Care of Business by Brenda Jackson and it was a nice read. That was also apart of a series focused around a family but it stood pretty well on it's own. This book, although a part of the Garrison miniseries, was GREAT and definitely stands well on it's own. The story centers around rich well-to-do hotel owners, property patrons and overall movers and shakers: the Garrisons and the Jefferies. Particularly Brooke and Jordan. On one particular stressful night, Brooke puts the moves on Jordan and they end up shaking the sheets all night long.

5 months later Brooke shows up at Jordan's office to spill the beans...of which you already know from the title. She's pregnant with his baby.

Right from the beginning the story grabbed me because I wanted to know how Jordan would take the news and how they would deal with it. But the book deals with much more than that. Much kudos to Catherine Mann for writing such engaging characters. The thing I really liked about the story was how both Brooke and Jordan are shaped by the backgrounds from which they came.

Jordan has been jonesing for Brooke since she left him in that hotel months ago. He's been thinking about her, wanting her and he is straight jazzed that she is carrying his child. He wants to marry Brooke because he wants that perfect marriage that his parents had before they died.

Brooke is another story. She wants Jordan but her alcoholic mother, philandering late father and family lies and secrets have made her wary of giving her heart out to anyone, particularly Jordan.

So goes the story of Jordan trying to woo Brooke with wonderful trips to the Bahamas as he cares for her and her baby and lavises her with gifts. All the while they learn more and build their trust with each other.

I loved that Jordan was the one who wanted to commit and was trying to convince Brooke of his intentions. He is one of those alpha men that romance readers love so much but there's a sensitivity about him that Catherine Mann allows to shine through at the best intimate moments between him and Brooke.

Brooke is a strong, independent woman but she allows her own vulnerabilities to shine through with Jordan.

Overall I really enjoyed this story with nice complex characters and exotic locations for a nice, breezy and fun "getaway" read. Not to mention the wonderful HEA where we get to see how the hero finally wins the heroine over (awww). I downloaded this one during the free ebook giveaway HQN had at the end of 2007, but I'll definitely be adding the paperback version to my shopping cart for my keeper shelf.