62 and still going strong

David Lynch is a great inspiration to my work. I think Blue Velvet was the first movie I saw from him and I was simply blown away by his use of visuals combined with unconventional storytelling. Second only to Hitchcock, David Lynch knows how to do noir so well that much of my early suspense roman noir stories played like a Lynch film in my head. Blue Velvet was my favorite film and I remember when IFC would have their Lynch Who Stole Christmas movie marathons. I still have the first year's on tape hehe. I was only 11 when the Twin Peaks show came on and although I didn't get a chance to see it, I had heard a lot about it and I knew there was something special about it. Blue Velvet was my fave Lynch film until Mulholland Drive came out and I was simply blown away. The film literally fell out of the 40s while taking a detour to surrealism befor entering the new millennium. Beautiful visuals, wonderfully twisted complex characters and a story that makes you see new things again and again.

If I had to skim a little on the top spot, I'd definitely say Dune was my favorite Lynch film sharing the top spot with Mulholland Drive. It's disheartening to hear so much trouble on the set as I would have LOVED to have seen him take on the entire series. It was definitely a film ahead of its time and still ranks as one of the Best Sci-Fi films of all time in my opinion.

So as David Lynch turns 62 on this very special Sunday, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to a wonderful creative genius of visual storytelling who is one of the inspirations in my own work. May you have many more projects and creative endeavours ahead of you.