Twisted O.Z.

Ever since the summer I've been waiting for Tin Man to premiere on the Sci-Fi channel. It was the only thing that kept me attached to the channel until December. We ended up taping it and unfortunately I didn't get the last segment. Gah! Thankfully they're re-airing it Wednesday night so I can catch the conclusion.

Today my family sat down and we all watched it in its entirety. After the shock of seeing so many expected characters changed around a little, I have to say I liked how the story unfolded. It would have been cool if Dorothy (or DG, in this case) wore her waitress outfit (reminiscent of Dot's blue/white farm girl apron) throughout the adventure with the ruby slippers that was shown only in one scene. But it all worked out well. The adapters appeared to have taken each character, tossed them into a mixture and shook things around while adding their own little touches to the mix. Each character had a little something new added on to it: the scarecrow became a royal advisor who's brain was taken because of his connection to an important machine that controlled the two suns, the tin man is still called a tin man but has transformed into a police officer that became a part of the rebellion to protect the mystic man who, in turn, is the wizard behind the curtain who "knows things", the cowardly lion is still a lion creature but also a viewer or psychic now who "sees things with his heart rather than the mind", while the little dog Toto is a shapeshifting Tutor.


The world of the O.Z. (aka the Outer Zone) is also twisty turny. We travel from a sleek, mechanic-like city reminiscent of the 40s complete with a nightclub, fedoras and 30s-40s cars (which I LOVE) all the way to an underground forgotten dark, dank and dirty city with vast forests in between the worlds. One thing is for sure, the O.Z. of the new millennium is beautifully shot with much breathtaking visuals. The entire production was part adventure, part dark fantasy, a little splash of science fiction and future. As they say nothing is ever new in storytelling and so goes the same with moviemaking that has been around since the beginning of the previous century. Tin Man had elements of the Dune miniseries, Dark City, a little bit of Star Wars and some Metropolis thrown in for good measure.

It was great to see Zooey Deschanel in a lead role as I always thought she was just too adorable as an actress and she was completely awesome in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Alan Cumming is, as always, brilliant in his roles (and always varied), yay Blu Mankuma (wish we could see more of him because he's an awesome actor), Raoul Trujillo brought a quiet strength to his role as the lion (I'm also reallyjazzed to see a Native actor in a major production) and I'm looking up more of his roles to see what I may have missed him in (and whoa he's a babe!), and anytime I can get more of Neal McDonough it's a good time.



All in all it was a great time and I really enjoyed the journey as Dot's memories were uncovered and it was an interesting twist that unraveled her main part in how the world ended up the way it was under her sis's evil hold. I got my dark fantasy/sci-fi fix for the day!

Happily waiting for this one to come to dvd. :-)