New look! New Projects!

Another weekend has zipped by faster than I can turn my head. I decided to finally give in to technology and upgrade to the new blogger. Thankfully I found a fabulous template to help make things easier and now I wish I would have upgraded sooner!

Anyway, I finally finished editing my fantasy romance so I'll be moving on to the Wild Rose Press project because that needs some editing. I'll probably be working on the full length Ariya book because I had some ideas last night before drifting off to dream land.

I also got in some great reading and I'm sooo loving Blood Price now that Vicki finally met Henry. And he's just as yummy in the books as he is on the show. Well...

Almost. ;-)

There's some goodies in store for this month that I'm going to be blogging about.

One of which, I'm in the running this month for the New Covey Book Cover Awards! Weeee! Number 17! Vote for me please, if you can!

I'm going to be sending out my newsletter sometime next week so stay tuned.


Rick Bylina said...

Catching up on some blogs...You don't let the moss grow under your feet do you? You have more projects going on than sand on the shore.

Rae Lori said...

Ain't that the truth ruth. ;-)

I gotta keep my brain busy so as not to get into mischief hehe.