2008 - The Year We Make Futuristic Romance Contact

I remember a recent email I received from a bookseller friend of mine. Earlier this year she heard a blurb from a romance conference where they were discussing trends and what's to be expected to sell in the coming months, years, etc ahead. Now, grant it, the industry swings like a pendulum because of its subjectivity and shaky expectations. But I can't help but be reminded of this tidbit considering what's to come next year.
She said sci-fi romance is opening up for the market and what with books coming out next year: Ann Aguirre's Grimspace, Susan Kearney's Solar Heat and even Twilight's Stephanie Meyer has her first science fiction novel aimed at adult readers called The Host. I can't help but wonder if the speculative genre is going to get a major boost.

2007 was definitely the year of the contemporary dark fantasy (or urban dark fantasy as the industry calls it). Maybe 2008 is the year of the futuristic romance.

We already have current releases by the leaders of the trend, Susan Grant & Linnea Sinclair, maybe the market is keeping an eye on these ladies for future writers of the genre.

Either way, I'm thinking Space Pirates may have a good chance of finding a potential home after all. ;-)


Lenoxave said...

I'm a big Sci-Fi fan, but I have felt that it's a genre that's difficult period; much less adding a romantic angle. Creating this world of fantasy and the future and also developing great characters and a believeable story all around has to be tough.

I wonder what Octavia Butler couldv'e done in this genre?

Rae Lori said...

Ooh, I would have LOVED to have seen a speculative romance from Octavia Butler. She left us way too soon. :-(

Sci-Fi can carry a bit of difficulty but it's been in my blood since I was little. I LOVE building whole worlds and situations around interesting out of this world characters. The crazy thing is if you put me in front of a straight contemporary romance or romantic comedy I will have the hardest time trying to make a book out of it. Real life is a trip compared to fantasy world! lol.