2007 Submissions at a Glance

Well, it's that time of the year again when chaos takes to the streets in a shopping frenzy from the time the store's doors open until they close. I won't even go near my Best Buy because the parking is probably filled for two blocks and if it's anything like last year or worse, I'll probably have to hike some miles from the car to the store.

In the publishing industry, agents and pubs have officially closed their doors for the season. One of them being my faves being Samhain Publishing which is temporarily closed for submissions.

Since I'm going to officially call it a year for sending out submissions, I figure it's time to take a tally. A glance, if you will, of this years effort toward achieving a writer's dream.

Number of works published
6 (4 short stories, 1 novella and 1 novel)

Work #1: CW (Futuristic)
Number of Queries Submitted to Agents
43 (41 No responses/Declines for Representations & 2 currently pending responses)

Number of Queries Submitted to Publishers
4 (1 No response + 2 Declines for Publication & 1 full manuscript currently being reviewed)

Work #2: BDB (Romantic Suspense)
Number of Queries Submitted to Agents
13 (12 No responses/Declines for Representations & 1 Partial Requested - Pending Response)

Number of Queries Submitted to Publishers
3 (2 No Responses & 1 Partial/Full Requested - Pending Response)

Work #3: TB (Time Travel Romance Novella)
Number of Queries Submitted to Agents

Number of Queries Submitted to Publishers
2 (1 Decline for Publication/1 Acceptance for Publication)

Misc Short Fiction submissions

19 Queries Submitted in all
14 Queries Declined for Publication
3 Accepted for Publication
4 Pending Responses (3 short stories & 1 novella)

Grand total of queries sent in 2007 = 84
Grand total of manuscripts req. and pending = 3

Whew! 2007 was definitely a busy year. Looking forward to 2008 I already have a few projects lined up that I'd like to write, rewrite and finish up for the first of the year.

Submission Goal for the start of 2008

Uthiel's Embrace (High Fantasy Romance)
To Send to FB (one of my other fave houses)

Works in Progress I'd like to finish for the first half of 2008
Within the Shadows of Mortals aka Ariya 2 (Paranormal Romance/Contemp. Dark Fantasy)
Cimmerian Girl (Futuristic)

and any shorter works I may need to fill my appetite for a quick resolution.


Lenoxave said...

Well Rae you sure have been busy! What astonishes me is the # of submissions vs. the accepted mauscripts. The writing world is a brutal business. I had no real idea until I started reading your blog and speaking w/Noelani.

All the best to you in 2008! Keep up the good work and I hope that ratio improves. Also, if you have a chance, stop by and say hello on my blog.



Rae Lori said...

It definitely is a brutal biz and you have to be soo patient in it. I was seriously impatient before working professionally with my writing and I'll tell ya, that's definitely changed since then lol. But it's definitely worth it in the end when all your hard work pays off.

I wish you the best in 2008. I'm so glad I got to you know you last year. Here's hoping to more interactions and great things this year!

I'll definitely stop by your blog! :-)